Request Software

This page ("Request Software") is only applicable to visitors. If you own software and want to submit it to our website then please contact us through our contact form or email ([email protected]). We will review your request and if it can be uploaded to our website then we will upload it as soon as we can.

Why do we require these fields?

To submit your submission we require you to provide your Name and Email Address. We ask you to provide these so that we can contact you after we have uploaded your requested software.

We will also contact you even if we are unable to upload your requested software. Because some unauthorized software may contain viruses that we don’t share with our visitors.

When my request will be reviewed?

We will review your request within 24 hours and also notify you of our updates. You may get 2 emails from us. The first one will allow you to know if your requested software could be uploaded to our website. And the second one will be sent to you after uploading your requested software.