Pros & Cons


  • Plays various file formats
  • Free Software
  • Useful shortcut-key commands
  • Screen Recorder
  • Converter
  • Fast and Light


  • The app interface is not eye-catchy
  • Difficult to navigate the advanced features
  • Complicated menu design

VLC Media Player Reivew

A Media Player is essential software for any device. For playing any kind of media file, we just need a media player. VLC Media Player, which has a traffic-cone-like logo, is a well-known and widely-used multimedia player. VLC Media player, a free-to-use software, holds a special place among the Mac Operating System users. Let’s take a glimpse at the details of the VLC Media Player for Mac.

What does it play?

VLC Media Player for Mac plays almost every video and music format you can mention. It can play BluRay, MPEG, MKV, FLV, etc. video formats and MP3, WMV, etc. audio formats. You can also play audio CDs and DVDs using this media player. It also supports many streaming protocols.

Basic Functions

VLC Media Player for Mac has easy basic functions. The user interfaces for playing videos and audio are very simple and user-friendly. Play, Pause, Stop, Screen, and volume controls are easily accessible with your keyboard and mouse. It also provides useful shortcut-key commands which can come in handy. You can set it as your default player which enables opening your files with VLC Media player primarily.

Preview and Subtitle Supported

VLC Media Player for Mac supports subtitle within a video. If you keep the SRT file in the same folder as your video file, the subtitle will start automatically. It is also handy that you can play the completed portion of a file that is still downloading.

Advanced Features

VLC Media Player for Mac provides some very useful advanced features though these are a little difficult to use as mentioned below.

Screen Recorder

This player has a built-in screen recorder that can record the user’s desktop and webcam. This feature can help you create videos for YouTube or Facebook, video tutorials, or presentations, despite the fact that this feature is not user-friendly and you might find it difficult.


Using VLC Media Player, you can convert the format of your video and audio files which is quite exceptional for a multimedia player.

Downloading from YouTube

VLC Media Player for Mac can be used for downloading videos from YouTube as well as converting them to mp3s, though this is against the fair use policy of YouTube. So, this player gives you the opportunity to watch downloaded YouTube videos while you are offline.

Is VLC Media Player for Mac Safe?

We recommend you to download VLC Media Player for Mac from trustworthy sites to ensure your 100% security. Always keeping VLC Media Player up to date would help you with your security concerns.

Every multimedia player has its pros and cons. This lightweight app for playing videos and audios amongst various formats is difficult to ignore. At the end of the day, VLC Media Player for Mac might be the perfect companion for your media files.

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