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Script Hook V and Native Trainer are modding tools for the video game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). Script Hook V is a library that allows the game to execute custom scripts written in C++, while Native Trainer is a mod that adds a variety of cheat functionality to the game, such as spawning vehicles, changing the weather, and spawning weapons. Together, these mods allow players to customize and enhance their gameplay experience in GTA V.

It's important to note that the use of third-party modding tools such as Script Hook V and Native Trainer may violate the terms of service of the game and the developers may take action against the players using it, also it could cause game crashes, and instability and even bans on online play. So, it's advisable to use them at your own risk.


You can install Script Hook V by following these steps:

  • Extract the file and open the "bin" folder.
  • Copy "dinput8.dll" and "ScriptHookV.dll" to the GTA V game's installation folder. (The location where GTAV.exe is located.)
  • If you need to install the native trainer then also copy "NativeTrainer.asi" to the same folder.

Now run the game and check the installation.

Native Trainer Controls

  • Activate Native Trainer: F4
  • Navigate the menus and lists (NumLock must be on): NUM2/NUM8/NUM4/NUM6 (From NumPad)
  • Select an item: NUM5
  • Go back: NUM0/BACKSPACE/F4
  • Use vehicle boost: NUM9/3 (while driving a vehicle)
  • Use vehicle rocket: NUM+ (while driving on vehicle)
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Script Hook V + Native Trainer
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15, Jan 2023
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03, Dec 2023

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