About Us

Who we are?

Fileion is a software-related website where you can download all the latest version of the software and also know about software reviews. We also publish articles on software niches which will allow you to know about the latest software issues and their solving technics.

Our Aim and Services

Our main aim is to provide all software related service in one place. Like software downloading, software reviewing, fixing software issues and also developing software. Not only these but also we help software developers to minimize their lacking in a particular software.

How we work?

For reviewing software, at first we check for viruses using VirusTotal virus checker. Then we install and use that software for 2 to 7 days depending on that software features. We test and try every features included in that software then start writing about our experience with that software. We always try our level best uphold all pros and cons of a software to our readers.

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