Are you enthusiastic about gaming and use the gamepad most of your computer sessions? Do you often find that your favorite game is not supporting the gamepad? Well, not anymore because Xpadder is an awesome emulator that lets you control your keyboard from the gamepad.


Check out all the latest features of Xpadder (Freeware) at a glance

Easy Interface

No unnecessary bells and whistles, only the functionalities that you want.

Plug and Play

Open the software, and you are good to go!

Haptic Feedbacks

Immerse yourself with a built-in vibration feature.

Save Presets

Save any presets according to your games and preferences.

Pros & Cons

This section is the most helpful one for you as it helps you to make your download or purchase decision easier. So, have a look and find out yourself:


  • Easy for anyone to use.
  • Free for everyone to download.
  • Tons of useful features to ensure a better gaming experience.
  • Available for most of the Windows operating systems.


  • Support for the free version ended in 2008.

Xpadder (Freeware) Reivew

Gaming is a fun activity, and every once in a while, it can act as a source of happiness. However, your gaming experience can become more unified if you have the right tools. Just with a gamepad and Xpadder, you will be able to enjoy almost any game, without your keyboard or mouse! This incredible application allows the users to remap and control any key on their keyboard from their gamepad for seamless gameplays.


The software comes from the developing group of Xpadder, the same name as the software. From its inception as a newly emerged emulator, the app received tons of positive reviews from its users. The software supported almost every gaming controller in the market and tons of games. After 2008, the company decided to stop the support for the free edition and unveiled a premium version with a one-time payment of $9.99. The downloads were still on the rise because of their functionality and user experience.

Features of Xpadder

Here is a more refined and detailed look at all the features:

Do Everything from Your Gamepad

Make your gamepad a standalone input device without using your keyboard or mouse at all. The software lets you customize and remap the keyboard button and keys with your gamepad controls. Don’t just stop at your keyboard, use your mouse buttons as well! So, forget to use your keyboard or mouse completely and use your gamepad to do everything.

Easy Plug and Play

The application utilizes the smart plug-and-play feature to perform all the functions instantaneously. Open the software and a full gamepad-like interface will make your remapping easier with multiple profile management and preset settings.

Immersive Experience

The software not only lets you use your keyboard and mouse buttons through your gamepad, but it also allows you to get haptic feedback from it. Whenever you are in an intense situation or make a kill, the software uses the built-in motors in the gamepad to emulate the same console-like vibration feedback on your PC.

Download And Technical Details

Download Xpadder (Freeware) For your Windows 2022 Latest Version
Download Xpadder (Freeware)
Download Application

37.2 MB

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Application Name

Xpadder (Freeware)

File Name


File Size

37.2 MB

Operating System

Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Date Published
Date Modified

15, November 2021


Utilities & Tools






Xpadder Team

Installation Process

After downloading the application, follow these steps to install it

To install Xpadder, double-click on your downloaded file and wait for the file to open.
Xpadder (Freeware) Installation Step 1
A popup will be visible to assess your confirmation. Press the Yes/Run button to continue.
Choose your preferred location from the directory.
Xpadder (Freeware) Installation Step 3
Click extract to start the process.
Xpadder (Freeware) Installation Step 4
Wait for a while for the extraction to complete, and you're good to enjoy the software.
Xpadder (Freeware) Installation Step 5


Freequently Asked Question About Xpadder (Freeware)

Xpadder is no longer freeware.

If you want the most recent Xpadder, it's only a one-time payment of $9.99.

Xpadder is safe.


While the unpaid application is not getting any update or software support anymore due to the emergence of its premium version, it is still a recommended choice for any type of gamer. Very few apps offer such high-level functionalities without any cost, and this app can run on the latest Windows devices as well. So, try it out and immerse yourself.

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