You may have used multiple web browsers to date, but did you consider the threats that can come with those applications? To be completely secure while browsing through the internet, browsers like Tor Browser can give perfect protection. It defends your network against surveillance and security breach. So, you can stay safe while surfing through any site


Check out all the latest features of Tor Browser at a glance

Complete Freedom

Surf through every site available on the internet without any restrictions.

Identity Protection

Never lose your identity or online presence to outside networks.

Encrypted Browsing

Your data will be yours forever without losing any functionalities.

Trackers Blocking

Trackers can be annoying. Block them and stay free from any interruptions.

Pros & Cons

This section will help you to get a more detailed insight into this influential and incredible software


  • Secured browsing through any site.
  • Encrypted access to blocked sites.
  • Simple yet very powerful functionalities.
  • Free for everyone.


  • No significant demerits to mention.

Tor Browser Reivew

Browsers are the portal to access the vast world of the internet with any type of device. While there are many options out there, opting for the most secured and safe browser is the way to go. That’s the reason Tor Browser exists because it provides access to the web without compromising your data and privacy. So, to enjoy a protected world of browsing, Tor Browser is the most viable choice.


The history can be traced back to the 1990s when the initial idea was born. However, after the creation of The Tor Project, Inc, the non-profit organization that developed the Tor Browser in 2008, the idea was finally realized. The browser played a pivotal role in Arab Spring, the Snowden incident, and much more. The goal of the application is to open a world to the unfiltered internet and protect everyone’s privacy to ensure free browsing. The company constantly works to develop more ways to make a better network for its users.

Tor Browser Features

Want to know more about the features of this awesome software? Read on:

Browse Freely

Become one with the internet with this browser’s ultimate private browsing mechanism. It not only protects your information from leaking but also removes any threats from infecting your computer. Your PC can not be safer than this. Without any additional resources, the browser protects you from surveillance, malware, and any suspicious activities.

Safeguard Your Identity

Tor Browser gives you the reliable assurance of protecting your personal data from selling or using it for ulterior purposes. You can even access your blocked site on your home network without any possibility of losing or misplacing your data. The browser does not reveal any geo-location and masks the network to avoid fingerprinting.

Forget Trackers

Ads, trackers are synonymous with markers that follow wherever you go on the internet. With other browsers, you have to endure those annoying things every day. However, this application lets you block any ads and trackers by implementing website isolation. That way, your browsing experience becomes more fluid and simpler.

Uncompromised Encryption

Your valuable data can become the most lethal ammunition against you if anyone hacks into your network. That’s why Tor Browser never allows any site to accept cache memory or cookies to avoid any possible threat. Even you allow it, the software automatically deletes everything and clears your browsing history as well.

Download And Technical Details

Download Tor Browser For your Windows 2022 Latest Version
Download Tor Browser
Download Application

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Application Name

Tor Browser

File Name


File Size

73.5 MB

Operating System

Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Date Published
Date Modified

09, November 2021


Browsers and Plugins


Open Source




The Tor Project

Hash Code


VirusTotal Scan Report:

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Installation Process

After downloading the application, follow these steps to install it

To install Tor Browser, double-click on your downloaded file and wait for the file to open.
Tor Browser Installation Step 1
A popup will be visible to assess your confirmation. Press the Yes/Run button to continue.
Tor Browser Installation Step 2
An installation window will show up with the language option.
Tor Browser Installation Step 3
Choose your preferred location from the directory.
Tor Browser Installation Step 4
Click Install to proceed.
Tor Browser Installation Step 5
Your installation will begin now.
Tor Browser Installation Step 6
Wait for a while and click Finish to complete your installation.
Tor Browser Installation Step 7


Freequently Asked Question About Tor Browser

No, using Tor Brower isn't illegal.

No, you can't be tracked on Tor Brower.

Yes, Tor Browser is free to use


By choosing Tor Browser, you can be safe from unwanted surveillance and avoid any suspicious or annoying tracking. We highly recommend this browser to everyone who wants to contribute to building a safe network throughout the globe. So, download and enjoy a world free of asymmetric access.

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