Roblox is an online multiplayer gaming platform for both PC and Mobile devices. In this platform, anyone can play thousands of games as well as create games. This does not require downloading any games. You can play games by just Downloading Roblox. Know the full Roblox Review from Fileion.


Check out all the latest features of Roblox at a glance

Send Friend Request

You can send friend requests to your friends on Roblox

Report Profile

You can report any player if you think it should not stay on Roblox.

Trade Items

You can also trade your items to your Friends for free.

Chat in Game

You can chat with your friend during playing this game.

Edit Avatar

If your wish, you can easily edit your player avatar.


Check all your bought items or traded items with your friends.

Create your own Game

If you wish, you can create your own Roblox game

Buy Accessories

In this game, you can also buy the accessories that you want. But it may require real money.


Create your own group with your friends or join an existing one.

Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons of this game


  • Can be played on all devices.
  • It is possible to show creativity.
  • Easily recover a lost account.
  • Parents can control gaming.
  • Possible to make real money by creating a game.
  • Always automatically save your gaming progress.


  • Cannot delete any account
  • Won’t give you any special benefits without subscriptions.
  • Very much addictive for children.
  • Players sometimes become aggressive.
  • No language or region selection for a game.
  • Can not chat with an individual player while playing games.
  • There are some security issues.

Roblox Reivew

In this Roblox Review, we are going to talk about the key features of Roblox. So let’s get started.

Roblox is basically an online gaming platform. It contains millions of games developed by Roblox’s users. That means in this platform anyone can develop games besides playing games. Now the question is what type of games it contains and who are the players of those games. Mainly this platform is made to attract children and younger people. But people of all ages can play games on Roblox. According to Roblox Corporation, they have more than 64 million users in a month. And most of the players are children below 13 years old. They have also mentioned that their users increased a lot during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Is it safe for children?

After sign up, anyone can play random games on Roblox. In a game, all the players are selected randomly. As a result, there is a fear that your children are talking with random people on the internet. Those random people could be young children or adult people.

So I will say that your children’s safety is only in your hands. You have to more careful while your child is playing games. There is also another way regarding safety.

Roblox Children Safety

You can turn on Parental Controls. And, after doing that now you have full control over what your children are playing and whom are they talking to. You can also add Age Restriction playing as Roblox offers no chatting while playing on those features. Also, you can select only chatting with friends and, deselect some specific games or all the games that are not for children. After that, there is no issue with safety.

How to play games on Roblox?

Playing games on Roblox is very easy. After installing, first, you need to sign up. In this case, you need to select a user name and give your date of birth. For username, you can give your real name or anything you want. If you are creating an account for your children then please don’t use your date of birth. Provide your children’s real date of birth as it matters for the safety of your children. Don’t forget to add your email and phone number as it requires to recover an account.

After creating an account now you are an official user of the Roblox gaming community. Now login with your username and password. After that, on the home page, you will see the most played games, just below all the games that are recommended for you, and at last upcoming games. Now select a game that you wanted to play. All the gaming controls will be shown to you as a tutorial. After completing the tutorial you can play as you like. For example play: Work at a Pizza Place.

Reporting Players

You can report any player if the player seems abusive or create irrelevant anything. Besides this choose your game setting as your wish. Click on help if you need further any help regarding controlling. Also, you can send a friend request from a game.

Some more about Roblox

After knowing what is Roblox and how to play games now it’s time to know some more about this gaming platform.

Sending Friend Request

Sending a friend request is very easy. to send a friend request, first, you need to search the player by username. When the player appears in front of you, click on add friend. Then the player will be added as your friend after the player accepting your request. If the player does not accept your request then you will be count as the player’s follower. Same for you also. If you do not accept anyone’s friend request then they will count as your followers.

Buying Accessories

For looking great in a game, you can buy skins, clothes, hats, and many other things from the catalog section.


Besides games, you can message your friends on the Roblox application. In the message section, you see your friend’s message and also send them messages.

Editing Avatar

You can edit your avatar also in the avatar section. Even the body shape can changes.


Here you can find all the items that you have traded with other players or the things you have bought.


By trading, you can exchange your item with another player’s item. You can send a trade request to any players while in a game. Other players also can send you a trade request. But be careful about what you are trading. Don’t trade any valuable things that may need you in further gaming.


You can create a group with your friends here or you can join an existing group. Here you can get valuable information regarding games.

Roblox Premium

In this section, you can buy Robux that used to buy items in a game. You need real money to buy Robux. Even you can sell your creation to earn Robux here.

Download And Technical Details

Download Roblox For your Windows 2021 Latest Version
Download Roblox
Download Application

117.7 MB

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Application Name


File Name


File Size

117.7 MB

Operating System

Windows 10

Date Published
Date Modified

03, August 2021








Roblox Corporation

Hash Code


VirusTotal Scan Report:

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Installation Process

After downloading the application, follow these steps to install it

Step 1: Before starting the installation process, you need to login into your Microsoft Account in Windows Store. So first click on the “Search Bar” located right-bottom-corner of the screen.
Locate the search bar On your Windows 10
Locate the search bar On your Windows 10
Step 2: From the search bar, search for “Windows Store“. Then click on it.
Search For Windows Store And Click on it
Search For Windows Store And Click on it
Step 3: After opening it, you will see a “Human Icon” top-right-corner. Click on it. Then click on “Sign In“. Step 4: Sign In with your Microsoft Account. If you don’t have one then click on “Create One!” to create Microsoft Account. Step 5: After completing the signing process, run the Downloaded File. You can run it by double-clicking on it or by right-clicking on it then click on “Open”.
To install it on PC double click on the Downloaded File
To install it on PC double click on the Downloaded File
Step 6: After that, the installation window will be opened. From there click on “Install”.
Click on the Install button to install Roblox on Your PC
Click on the Install button to install on Your PC
Step 7: Please wait, until the installation is completed.
Installing Roblox on Windows 10
Installing Roblox on Windows 10
Step 8: Click on Launch to start playing Roblox on Windows 10.
Click on Launch to start playing Roblox on Windows 10
Click on Launch to start playing Roblox on Windows 10
Step 9: Click on Login. If you don’t have any account then click on “Signup” to create one.
Click on Login
Click on Login
Step 10: After completing the login process, enjoy playing games on Roblox.
Enjoy playing games on Roblox
Enjoy playing games on Roblox
You can find Roblox by searching for “Roblox” on the search bar of your Windows 10 PC.
Search for Roblox to Play games on it again
Search for Roblox to Play games on it again

Alternative Applications

Also, check the alternative of Roblox


Roblox is a great platform for playing online games with friends. Especially for children below 10 years old. You can learn many things besides gaming. And, if you want to earn some money while playing games then that is also possible here. Play games on it as well as show your creativity to the world by creating games. You can also play another most popular PC game named Among Us PC.

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