Your PC is a powerful device, and many applications can enhance your computer’s capabilities. Another great thing about Windows devices is that you can run amazing developing platforms to create many programming languages or software. .Net Framework is an open-source platform for your PC that is perfect for any developer out there.


Check out all the latest features of .Net Framework at a glance

Software & App Development

This platform is capable of making many groundbreaking applications for any device.

Create Programming Languages

Works seamlessly with C, F, Visual Basic coding languages.

Build Microservices

Adding compact APIs as your microservices will bring more efficiency to your applications.

Machine Learning

The platform allows you to create algorithms, modules to make your PC more robust and adapting.

Pros & Cons

Do you know the best way to find out the best software for you? Give a good look at the application’s pros and cons, and you will learn everything you need to know. That’s why this section will help you to decide whether to download this platform framework or not.


  • Versatile and robust developing platform.
  • Works efficiently with many coding languages.
  • Perfect for creating web, desktop, mobile applications.
  • Completely open-source and free.


  • No significant downside to mention.

.Net Framework Reivew

Developers use different platforms and applications to make outstanding interfaces, tons of feature-packed microservices, and much more. The .NET Framework from Microsoft is a free platform for making tons of native apps, web interfaces, and many other developing services. You will get a refined capability of using advanced machine learning algorithms, coding languages with this platform. So, get your hands on this extremely powerful piece of innovation now!


Introduced first 19 years ago in 2002 by the genius minds at Microsoft, the .NET Framework platform became a necessary part of the Windows operating system. They regularly updated the framework with the newest versions of the operating systems and made it available for Linux and macOS as well. Although after 2019, with its 4.8.0 version, there has been no further development of the platform. Still, Microsoft continuously updates its security patches and fixes any bugs.

.Net Framework Features

Here are all the details of the incredible features for you:

Software & App Development

.Net Framework is used to create many of your favorite PC & mobile application UI. Web applications and services are also possible to make with this open-source platform. Once you find comfort, you will flow with your creativity in no time. So, whether it’s desktop, mobile, or web applications, this platform has got you covered.

Programming Languages

Software is not the only that you can build with the dot net platform. This framework is also equipped with the feature to create programming languages. It works flawlessly with C language, F language, Visual Basic, etc. The .Net Framework apps support these universal coding languages to give the developers a more flexible ability to write codes.

Microservices at Your Command

Build freely deployable, highly customizable & robust services using the free and open-source .NET platform. Your created APIs (Application Programming Interface) can work as microservices as well. It’s easier than ever to create your own microservices with dot net framework because of its integrated Docker containers.

Download And Technical Details

Download .Net Framework For your Windows 2022 Latest Version
Download .Net Framework
Download Application

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Application Name

.Net Framework

File Name


File Size

1.37 MB

Operating System

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Date Published
Date Modified

28, October 2021


Utilities & Tools





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VirusTotal Scan Report:

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Installation Process

After downloading the application, follow these steps to install it

To install .Net Framework, double-click on your downloaded file and wait for the file to open.
.Net Framework Installation Step 1
A popup will be visible to assess your confirmation. Press the Yes/Run button to continue.
.Net Framework Installation Step 2
An installation window will show up. Agree to the terms and conditions and press install.
.Net Framework Installation Step 3
Your installation will begin now.
.Net Framework Installation Step 4
Wait for a while and then press close to finish the process.
.Net Framework Installation Step 5

Uninstallation Process

If you don't like this application, just follow these steps to uninstall it

Don't think the software is working for you? Here are the easy steps to remove it from your Windows 10 device:

Uninstallation Process For Windows 11 And 10

Go to the Settings menu from your notification panel and click on Apps.
.Net Framework Uninstallation Step 1
In the Apps section, search for Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8 SDK or look it up in the apps list.
.Net Framework Uninstallation Step 2
From the search results, click on Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8 SDK and press the uninstall button.
.Net Framework Uninstallation Step 3
A popup will greet you with the confirmation of uninstallation. Click on the button again.
.Net Framework Uninstallation Step 4
After clicking on Uninstall, press the Yes button on the administrative popup window.
.Net Framework Uninstallation Step 5
The uninstallation wizard will show a cautionary message that another application may also stop working. Click Yes to continue.
.Net Framework Uninstallation Step 6
Your application will be automatically removed.
.Net Framework Uninstallation Step 7

Uninstallation Process For Windows 7, 8, 8.1

First, open Control Panel. Then go to the section that says Uninstall a program.
.Net Framework Uninstallation Step 1
You will see a list of your installed apps. Select Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8 SDK from that list and click the uninstall button.
.Net Framework Uninstallation Step 2
A popup will greet you with the confirmation of uninstallation. Select the button again to proceed.
.Net Framework Uninstallation Step 3
The rest of the process is the same as before.


Freequently Asked Question About .Net Framework

.Net Framework is an open-source platform for your PC that is perfect for any developer out there.

• Software & App Development
• Create Programming Languages
• Build Microservices
• Build Microservices

Yes, .NET Framework is easy to learn.


For a Windows device, this platform is a crucial part of the system, both for seamless operation of the system as well as for developing any custom apps. If you want to work care-free on a trusted platform, .NET Framework is the way to go. So, download and try it out yourself.

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