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Publisher: CPUID (Free)

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HWMonitoring is an observer. It will monitor your PC or laptop. The temporary system of your PC will give its information whether it is good or bad. It acts like a sensor. Monitor the health of your PC’s hardware system.


HWMonitoring is basically a hardware program. At present we use PC or laptop a lot. Laptops or PCs are used for our various needs.Our PCs sometimes slow down or get interrupted due to many different things like this. A lot of times we don’t realize what happened, in this case HwMonitoring can help us to find out the problems.So, HWMonitoring is very useful for us.It is developed by CPUID. It is covered by the network. Internet connection is essential to get its services. It shows the overall status of your PC as data.This will instantly show your computer error. For this you don’t have to rent computer IT which will save you money and reduce your expenses.

Use of HWMonitor 

HWMonitor basically monitors your computer. It allows you to know about the health of your computer. The computer gets hot while doing various tasks on the computer, especially while playing games or generating a lot of energy. No matter what happens, if there is a problem with a function, the HWMonitor will help you find that function.It will monitor and secure all your hardware systems. The HWMonitor will provide you with information on how much power your computer is running and even a list of how much voltage the computer will operate safely and securely. Will tell you immediately what the problem is and where the problem is!


Since the HWMonitor monitors your hardware system, it protects you from various mechanical faults while using the computer. It is very safe and risk free to use. It will also save you money. Which system is responsible for your computer doing wrong, where is the problem? Finding out very quickly will save you time. Keeping an eye on the overall health of your computer will give you the right direction. Keep the speed of your computer right. Proper application of temperature will protect the computer from being damaged. You just have to take a look now to see what your computer is doing without switching to your program and refreshing the feed.


HWMonitor is a very good tool. There is no problem with it, but you need to know how to use it properly and use it. There is a only one problem that sometimes the screen becomes blank after turning on the HW. In that case you have to restart or turn off the PC.

How to Download And Install HWMonitor On Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7?

HWMonitor Download and installation process are similar to other software. It is very simple for anyone. Still, if you think it’s tough for you just follow these steps one by one.

HWMonitor Download Process

Step 1: At the top section of the page, you will see a download button named “Download The Latest Version”. Click on it.

HWMonitor Download - Fileion.Com

Step 2: After clicking on the download button, you will be redirected to the HWMonitor download page. From that page, you will see another download button with the file size. Click on it and your download will start immediately.

HWMonitor Download - Fileion.Com

You downloading process is completed. Now you can proceed to the installation process.

HWMonitor Installing Process

Step 1: To install HWMonitor, first double click on your downloaded file and wait for starting the installation.

HWMonitor Install - Fileion.Com

Step 2: Now choose the drive where you want to save this tool.

HWMonitor Install - Fileion.Com

Step 3: Name your Folder and click on Next.

HWMonitor Install - Fileion.Com

Step 4: Again click on Next

HWMonitor Install - Fileion.Com

Step 5: Now click on Install

HWMonitor Install - Fileion.Com

Step 6: Finally click on finish to complete this installation.

HWMonitor Install - Fileion.Com

How to Uninstall HWMonitor Desktop on Windows 10, 8, 7?

The uninstallation process for this software is really easy. According to Windows 10’s new updates, the uninstallation process is different from the previous version of Windows. Here you will find this process for both Windows 10 and other versions of Windows.

Uninstall Process for Windows 10

Step 1: Go to your Window’s Setting and click on Apps.

HWMonitor Uninstall - Fileion.Com

Step 2: From the Apps section, search for HWMonitor.

HWMonitor Uninstall - Fileion.Com

Step 3: Then from the search results, click on HWMonitor and then click on Uninstall.

HWMonitor Uninstall - Fileion.Com

Step 4: A popup will appear. From there again click on “Uninstall“.

HWMonitor Uninstall - Fileion.Com

Step 5: After clicking on Uninstall, an warning may popup to ensure that you really want to uninstall the program. From there click on “Yes

HWMonitor Uninstall - Fileion.Com

Step 4: Just one click on uninstallation is done.

HWMonitor Uninstall - Fileion.Com

Uninstall Process for Windows 8 and 7

If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 7, then follow these steps to uninstall HWMonitor –

Step 1: First, open Control Panel. Then from there click on “Uninstall a program“.

HWMonitor Uninstall - Fileion.Com

Step 2: After completing step 1, you will see a list of apps installed on your PC. From there, look for “HWMonitor“. Click on it and then click on “Uninstall“.

HWMonitor Uninstall - Fileion.Com

Step 3: After clicking on Uninstall, an warning may popup to ensure that you really want to uninstall the program. From there click on “Yes

HWMonitor Uninstall - Fileion.Com

Step 4: Just one click on uninstallation is done.

HWMonitor Uninstall - Fileion.Com


If you want your PC to be safe, working properly means that if you are aware of the health of your PC, then HWMonitor is a suitable tool. It will always keep an eye on the health of your PC and will inform you immediately.HWMonitor is very good for taking care of the PC.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Shows relevant stats on components
  • Gives minimum and maximum thresholds for the numbers


  • Doesn’t show alerts or notifications
  • Shows hardware data that you may not need
  • No tutorial
  • Can’t influence PC parts to fix the issues

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