Drivers are the applications that make your computer run smoothly. Without them, your computer will begin to slow down and face issues here and there. That’s why using software like DriverPack Solution for Windows will help you to keep your PC up to date without any hassle. It’s completely free to download and easy to navigate.


Check out all the latest features of DriverPack Solution at a glance

Drivers for Every Computer

Whatever your PC configuration or specifications are, you can use this software to keep your PC running like a beast.

Huge Library of Essential Drivers

DriverPack Solution offers one of the best collections of drivers in one place.

Search for Your Drivers Online

Can't find your required driver on the directory? Search them online from the app and install them safely.

Regular Updates

Automatically update your drivers with its brilliant feature to notify you to install new updates.

Pros & Cons

Are you tired of downloading apps that do not suit you? Well, a good look at the pros and cons can help you significantly. This section will give you thoughtful insights into how this driver solution app performs.


  • Easily navigate through the interface with simplistic its UI.
  • Free to download.
  • A brilliant collection of drivers.
  • Supports different types of PCs.


  • Sometimes it advises installing drivers you might not need.

DriverPack Solution Reivew

Windows is the most famous operating system for household or corporate computers. While it has the sophisticated vibe of being a complete package for any user, it fails when it comes to updating your essential drivers. However, DriverPack Solution For Windows can solve this problem in one go! It analyzes the PC hardware and suggests all the drivers you will need to run it well.


The inception of this software came from the thought of allowing every computer to install and update their required drivers without searching too much. So, the developer of DriverPack Solution, Artur Kuzyakov, made this app in 2008 to make that thought into realization. It got positive responses for its interface, features, usability, and compatibility with almost every type of computer.

DriverPack Solution Features

Here you will find all the details of DriverPack Solution and its amazing features:

Versatile Compatibility

Are you a desktop-user or laptop person? Do you have high-end configuration or entry-level specifications? None of these matter for DriverPack Solution because it supports every type of computer, whether its best in class or very low-end tier. So, you won’t find any problem installing all the important drivers for your PC.

Directory Full of Drivers

Tired of manually installing your necessary drivers when you install or re-install the Windows OS? Don’t bother to go through with all that trouble ever again. DriverPack Solution provides the ultimate solution for all of your essential drivers. Upon opening the app, you will get every driver sorted out. Download and install the ones you need instantly.

Internet Search for Drivers

Don’t seem to find your required driver in the DriverPack Solution directory? No need to worry because you can easily look for it online with its searching tools. The DevID service allows you to use the search protocol and download any necessary driver you may need to run your computer smoothly.

Automatic Update

With its regular scanning and update system, your drivers stay up to date no matter what. It’s a very common thing to update your drivers frequently. That’s why an application like DriverPack Solution will help you to stay updated with the world of computer drivers.

Download And Technical Details

Download DriverPack Solution For your Windows 2022 Latest Version
Download DriverPack Solution
Download Application

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Application Name

DriverPack Solution

File Name


File Size

8.11 MB

Operating System

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Date Published
Date Modified

26, October 2021


Utilities & Tools






Artur Kuzyakov

Hash Code


VirusTotal Scan Report:

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Installation Process

After downloading the application, follow these steps to install it

To install DriverPack Solution, double-click on your downloaded file and wait for the file to open.
DriverPack Solution Installation Step 1
A popup will be visible to assess your confirmation. Press the Yes/Run button to continue.
DriverPack Solution Installation Step 2
The installation window will show up. Choose your preferred file destination and click Install.
DriverPack Solution Installation Step 3
Your installation will begin now.
DriverPack Solution Installation Step 4
Press the Finish button and enjoy your software.
DriverPack Solution Installation Step 5

Uninstallation Process

If you don't like this application, just follow these steps to uninstall it

Don't think the software is working for you? Here are the easy steps to remove it from your Windows 10 device:

Uninstallation Process For Windows 11 And 10

Go to the Settings menu from your notification panel and click on Apps.
DriverPack Solution Uninstallation Step 1
In the Apps section, search for DriverPack or look it up in the apps list.
DriverPack Solution Uninstallation Step 2
From the search results, click on DriverPack and press the uninstall button.
DriverPack Solution Uninstallation Step 3
A popup will greet you with the confirmation of uninstallation. Click on the button again.
DriverPack Solution Uninstallation Step 4
After clicking on Uninstall, press the Yes button on the administrative popup window.
DriverPack Solution Uninstallation Step 5
Click the Uninstall button when the uninstallation wizard appears.
DriverPack Solution Uninstallation Step 6
The uninstallation will automatically begin and remove everything.
DriverPack Solution Uninstallation Step 7

Uninstallation Process For Windows 7, 8, 8.1

First, open Control Panel. Then go to the section that says Uninstall a program.
DriverPack Solution Uninstallation Step 1
You will see a list of your installed apps. Select DrivePack from that list and click the uninstall button.
DriverPack Solution Uninstallation Step 2
A popup will greet you with the confirmation of uninstallation. Select the button again to proceed.
DriverPack Solution Uninstallation Step 3
The rest of the process is the same as before.


Freequently Asked Question About DriverPack Solution

Yes, it is safe and you can easily download it from our website.

No, it is not a virus.

DriverPack Solution helps to keep your PC up to date without any hassle.


DriverPack Solution for Windows is not the only software that can offer you features like these. There are alternatives, but we can highly recommend this application to anyone who’s looking for a simple method of updating the drivers regularly. So, download the software and see it for yourself if this is the one for you.

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