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FAQ About WhatsApp Desktop

Is WhatsApp Free?

Yes, WhatsApp is totally free to use. Though it was not free from the very beginning of its launch. It was charged 0.99$. But after 2016 they decided to make it free for all users.

Is WhatsApp Secure?

Yes, WhatsApp is a secure messaging app. It encrypts messages end to end with its unique lock and key information. As a result, only the message sender and receiver can read the message. So, there is no chance of leaking your message.

Will WhatsApp Work on PC?

Yes, it will work but only as an web client. You need to verify the web client with your mobile. Then you can use your WhatsApp account both on your PC and mobile device.

Will the Person I Blocked on WhatsApp Know?

The person you blocked cannot know immediately that you have blocked him or her. It can be known only by seeing that there is no active status or message is not sending. Also, your blocked person cannot see your profile picture and even cannot call you.

Will WhatsApp Work Without Sim?

Yes, definitely WhatsApp will work without your Sim. But while creating account or signing in a new device your Sim is needed for verification. After that you can use WhatsApp even without Sim. You just need a good internet connection.

Are WhatsApp calls free?

Yes, WhatsApp calls are completely free through an internet connection. Even if you are trying to call outside of your country, it is free. But the person you are calling must have installed WhatsApp on their devices.

How many WhatsApp users?

According to March 2020 news, WhatsApp has more than 2 Billion active users.

Are WhatsApp messages encrypted?

Yes, WhatsApp messages are encrypted end to end according to its publisher.

Technical Details

WhatsApp Desktop Download
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99.4 MB
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123 MB
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Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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14, April 2021
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