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  • The trial version is free of cost.
  • Simple and engaging UI for everyone.
  • Support for multiple file formats and systems.
  • Doesn’t take much space in your hard drive and ram.


  • The trial version has a limited time of usage.

Copy Protect Reivew

Having impenetrable protection against your creative works is a must in this age of modern technology and piracy. It does not take too much effort to lose your files to another. That’s why it goes without saying that you need excellent software to ensure the security of your files. 

Copy Protect for Windows is the perfect software for this occasion. It is a trial-based application that lets you convert your files into executable files only for specific devices. It supports multiple file formats as well as systems and operating systems from Windows XP to 10.


Copy Protect by NewSoftwares LLC is an innovative piece of software that helped a large portion of users who didn’t have any reliable application to protect their files. It supports many languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Polish, etc.

The software has thousands of downloads and much positive feedback from its users on many different websites. The current stable version of the application is 2.0.6 and gets somewhat regular updates.


An application is nothing without its long list of features, and Copy Protect has a very long list of unique and advanced features for its customers. Let’s take a good look at what it offers:

Protect Your Creativity

If you are a creative person, then you know the importance of protecting your files from misuse. Copy Protect gives you the ultimate security from anyone that tries to steal your creativity. You can convert your media files, documents into an executable PC-only application so that others won’t be able to do you any harm. 

It also can move them into your CD/DVD and store them safely. In the case of sharing it with others, they can access and open the files but copying them is off-limits. That’s how there’s no chance of losing your creative files to anyone ever again.

Support for Many File Formats

If you are thinking about which files do Copy Protect support, we can gladly say that it supports all major file formats for your convenience. Popular video formats such as MP4, AVI, and music formats like WAV, MP3, WMA, etc., the application supports everything you can wish for.

That’s not all! Your pictures and documents are also safe with Copy Protect with impeccable protection. So, your precious designs and presentations won’t get in the hands of someone for illegal distributions.

Built-in Viewer

The best thing about this software is that you get a built-in picture and document viewer so that you don’t have to use any external ones. The viewer also provides extra security as you don’t have to leave the application. 

How to Download And Install Copy Protect On Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7?

Copy Protect download and installation process is similar to other software. It is very simple for anyone. Still, if you think it’s tough for you just follow these steps one by one.

Copy Protect Download Process

Step 1: At the top section of the page, you will see a download button named “Download Copy Protect”. Click on it.

Copy Protect Download - Fileion.Com

Step 2: Then click on Download again.

Copy Protect Download - Fileion.Com

Step 3: After clicking on the download button, you will be redirected to the Copy Protect download page. From that page, you will see another download button with the file size. Click on it and your download will start immediately.

Copy Protect Download - Fileion.Com

Step 4: Please wait until the Replay Video Capture download is complete.

Copy Protect Installing Process

Step 1: To install Copy Protect, first double click on your downloaded file and wait for starting the installation.

Copy Protect Install - Fileion.Com

Step 2: After clicking on Install, an warning may popup to ensure that you really want to install the program. From there click on “Yes

Step 3: Copy Protect Setup Window will appear before you. Click on Next

Copy Protect Install - Fileion.Com

Step 4: Read out the license agreement and then click on Next

Copy Protect Install - Fileion.Com

Step 5: Select the File name

Copy Protect Install - Fileion.Com

Step 6: Click on Next.

Copy Protect Install - Fileion.Com

Step 7: Click on Install.

Copy Protect Install - Fileion.Com

Step 8: Click on Finish to complete your installation.

Copy Protect Install - Fileion.Com

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an application to drive away your fear of losing the creative ownership of your files, Copy Protect for Windows is the one for you. You can do everything you want and more with this software!

So, we highly recommend you download and try this application. Trust us and get this app now!

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