Among Us is an online multiplayer game for both PC and Mobile devices. In this game, there maybe 1 or 2 or 3 imposters around other players (crewmate). The Imposters need to kill all of the crewmates to win the match and the crewmates need to identify the culprit to win the match. Know the full Among Us Review from Fileion.



Check out all the latest features of Among Us PC at a glance

Change the player colors for free.

You can easily change your player skin from the customization laptop. But you can’t use the color which is already in use by another player.

3 Different Events Available

April Fools

Equip Hats

If you want then you can easily equip from the customization laptop.

Equip Pets (Paid)

You can also equip pets with this game. But it is not free, you need to buy it.

Pros & Cons


  • Say goodbye to exhaustion.
  • It feels enjoyable by watching others play also.
  • It is completely free for mobile. But on PC, you need to buy it.
  • Android Emulators can allow you to play this game on your PC for free.
  • You can also play games with mobile users, even you are a PC user.
  • This game is fully customizable.


  • This game doesn’t have any built-in voice chat option. So, you may need third-party software to play together.
  • Sometimes the server doesn’t respon properly.
  • It may show a high ping, in spite of having a good internet connection.
  • It has many bugs, so you may face technical issues.

Among Us PC Reivew

In this Among Us Review, we will talk about the graphics, gameplay and also about the tasks which you may need to do in this game.

Among Us is an online multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth. They made this game about two years ago in 2018. They develop it after inspiration from another popular party game Mafia. Firstly, this game was only for mobile users and only a few people could play at once. After some days the developer released this game on Steam at a low price. Still, then this game was nothing but a flop. But during the world pandemic Covid-19, Among Us PC has become the most downloaded and most played games in the world. More than 100 million times this game is downloaded from Google Play Store.

People loved to play this game with their friends while staying at home. And, after the lockdown, still, now this is the most played game.

Among Us PC is a game where the players are space travelers. About 10 people can play a match together. The players are divided into two teams. One team is named as Crewmate and another team is named as Imposter. Both teams have to complete separate work to win the game. You can play this game privately with your friends or also you can play this with global players that means publicly. It totally depends on you. While playing the game I have noticed that connectivity is very low in this game. Sometimes due to slow response of servers, players get kicked out from a match. This happens also on an ongoing match. And, another thing is that the graphics quality is very low of this game. But the most positive thing is that controlling is very easy. You can easily play this game.

Game Maps

On the first release of this game, there was only one map. But now the developer added more three maps to this game.

These are:

  3. POLUS

Game Servers

In the beginning, there was only one server to play this game. But when the game become popular and many people start playing this game then maintaining the game using only one server became impossible. So, they added more 2 servers with the existing one. Now, there are 3 servers available in this game. The player can choose any of them which he/she wants. These are:

  1. North America,
  2. Asia,
  3. Europe

Players can also change it whenever they want. This action can be completed by clicking on the right-bottom icon.

Game Host

To play this game, first of all, someone needs to become the host. Mainly the host is the player who started the game first. Then the host can decide all the game functions. Such as crewmate vision, players speed, imposters number, imposter’s killing cooldown, vision, tasks number, emergency meeting number, voting time, discussion time, and finally whether the game will public or private. If the host wants to play with friends only then the host can make the game private otherwise host can play publicly. If any player misbehaves or spams host can kick them from the game. In one word, the host is the controller of the game.

To change the default settings of the game, the host needs to stand beside the laptop that is situated at a corner of the starting room. Then clicking on the customize icon showed on the screen host can change every setting. And, other players can change their skin colors, hats as well as pets there.


In the Among Us PC gameplay, the crewmates are those players who have to do some task in order to reach their destination. They could be 4-10 in numbers. Each player has to do five tasks separately. Whenever they see any dead body, they can report it to other players and have a discussion about it. Then they need to identify the imposter to win the game. If they failed to identify, they can skip the discussion by voting on Skip.


In the Among US PC gameplay, the crewmates need to complete several tasks in order to win the game. All of those tasks are divided into four categories. These are Short tasks, Long tasks, Visual tasks, and Common tasks. For all crewmates, there is a taskbar that shows how many tasks are completed. And on the left corner just below the taskbar there shows the individual player’s task number that has been completed or has to complete.

Visual Tasks

The visual tasks are made of four separate tasks. Those are-

  1. Empty Garbage
  2. Submit Scan
  3. Clear Asteroids
  4. Prime Shields

Empty Garbage

You have to do this task in the Cafeteria and in the O2 room. Here you have to pull down the lever and need to hold it. Automatically all the garbage will fall down. The garbage could be anything like tree leaves, diamonds, stickers, and many other things.

Submit Scan

This task can be found in all three maps. In this task, you have to stand on a capsule, and then it will scan your whole body. It takes about 10 seconds. This task is proof that you are not an imposter. Because imposters can not scan themselves here.

Clear Asteroids

You can found this task only on two maps and it is located in the weapon area. In this task, you have to destroy 20 asteroids. Just shot them and destroy all asteroids. It does not have any time limit. So you can take as much time as you need.

Prime Shields

This task can be found in the area of the shield. In this task, you need to click on the red hexagons until it turned into yellow, it will complete. This is the easiest task ever in Among Us.

Common Task

The common task consists of those tasks that are given to each player to do. Those tasks are

  1. Entering Id Code
  2. Insert Keys
  3. Fix Wiring
  4. Scan Boarding Pass
  5. Swipe Card

Entering Id Code

This is the easiest task that is available only on MIRA HQ in the Admin room. this task also available on The Airship in the Meeting room or Cockpit. To complete this task players just need to swipe up their wallet’s card and enter their ID card on the panel accurately.

Insert Keys

This task can be found on Polus in the Dropship. Here players have to put the right key in the exact keyhole and rotate it to the left or right by 90 degrees.

Fix Wiring

Fix wiring is another easy task to do. This task is available on all the maps as well as in all rooms. In this task, you just have to add a wire with another having the same color. This task always has four colors such as red, yellow, pink, and blue. You need to add yellow with yellow, red with red, pink with pink, and blue with blue in order to complete the task.

Scan Boarding Pass

This task is available only on Polus. In the office room, players can complete this task. By clicking on the yellow triangle the boarding pass will be up to their hands and then they need to drag that on the red scanner until it turns green.

Swipe Card

Players need to go to the admin room to complete this task. Here players have to swipe their cards not too fast and not too slow. The card will be on the left side of your wallet. Click on it to put it on the card swiper. Then just swipe the card at medium speed.

Long Task

Long tasks are those tasks that take much time to complete. Such as-

  1. Clear Asteroids
  2. Reboot Wi-Fi
  3. Replace Water Jug
  4. Fix Weather Node
  5. Fuel Engines
  6. Run Diagnostics
  7. Start Reactor
  8. Inspect Sample
  9. Submit Scan
  10. Open Waterways
  11. Water Plants
  12. File Transfer

Reboot Wifi

This task has 2 parts. Crewmates need to pass both of those steps to complete this task.

Part 1: First, crewmates need to find the Communications box in the Communication area. After clicking on the “Use” button, a window will be opened with the heading “Reboot Required”. A lever will be the present right side of it. Crewmates need to drag it down to shut down the WiFi. Then a 60s count download will begin and they need to wait until it finished. During this count down they can do other tasks. They don’t need to keep it open.

Part 2: When the count down will reach 0, the crewmate again needs to go to the communication area and open the communication box. Then they need to power on the WiFi again by pulling the lever up again.

Replace Water Jug

This task can be found in the Boiler Room. It is one of the easiest tasks. You don’t need to do anything. Just click and hold the Red Button. Water will be automatically transferred from the right jug to the left one. After completing this, you need to do the same thing in the Office.

Fix Weather Node

This task has 2 parts. Crewmates need to pass both of those steps to complete this task.

Part 1: There are 6 Nodes in this game. Crewmates need to go to one of them. Then they need to understand the Maze and need to connect the starting point to the ending one. If they go in the wrong way then they need to start the Maze again.

Part 2: After completing the first part, crewmates need to go to Laboratory and switch on the weather node that was fixed.

Fuel Engines

This task can be found on both The Skeld and Polus map. It also has 2 parts. Crewmates need to pass both of those steps to complete this task.

Part 1: First, crewmates need to go to the Storage area. Then from there, they need to find the refuel station. Then they need to click and hold on to the silver icon situated right-bottom corner. After refueling the gas can, the player needs to follow part 2.

Part 2: In this part, the player needs to follow the yellow icon and go to the specific location and refuel the other can to complete the task.

On the Skeld map, the second gas can is located beside the Upper Engine and the Lower Engine. In the Polus map, the second gas can is located at “Outside” on the right of the Dropship.

On the MIRA HQ map, the player fuels the engine directly at Launchpad and there is no second stage.

Start Reactor

This is the toughest task in this game. To complete this task you need to memories blue squares and then replace them using the keyboard. There will be about 9 blue squares and among them, you need to memories five patterns. If you failed to insert any pattern then you have to start the process again.

Short Task

The tasks which requires short time is called by Short Task. Here is the list of short tasks which can be Found on Among Us PC:

  1. Align Telescope
  2. Assemble Artifact
  3. Buy Beverage
  4. Chart Course
  5. Divert Power
  6. Empty Garbage
  7. Fill Canisters
  8. Insert Keys
  9. Measure Weather
  10. Monitor Tree
  11. Prime Shields
  12. Record Temperature
  13. Repair Drill
  14. Run Diagnostics
  15. Sort Samples
  16. Stabilize Steering
  17. Store Artifacts
  18. Unlock Manifolds


The game selects an imposter and it could be one or two or three-person. Their main work is stopping the crewmates to do their tasks. In this case imposters sabotage and kills. By sabotaging they create troubles for the crewmates. They can even close room gates also. After killing one crewmate the imposter can kill another crewmate after certain seconds. If any crewmate doubts or sees any imposter while killing, then the crewmate can call an emergency meeting, or he can report the dead body. And, then all can have a discussion and vote to wipe out the imposter.

Among Us Review: Imposter

Emergency Meeting and Voting

When the crewmates have any doubt on any players for being imposter then they can call for an emergency meeting. This meeting has a certain time for discussion as well as a certain time for voting. They can vote for both the crewmates and imposters. If they vote for any wrong player then there is no comeback for the player. The player will be ejected. But still, he or she can complete their tasks to win the game. And, if they vote the right player means the imposter then the imposter will be ejected and the crewmates will win the game. In this case, the crewmates do not need to complete all the tasks they have left behind.

Download And Technical Details

Download Among Us PC For your Windows 2021 Latest Version
Download Among Us PC
Download Application

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Among Us PC

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Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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Installation Process

After downloading the application, follow these steps to install it

When your download will be finished, follow these steps to start playing among us for free on your PC. Step 1: Double click on the downloaded file or right click on it and click on “Open”.
To install Among Us on PC double click on the Downloaded File
To install Among Us on PC double click on the Downloaded File
Step 2: An warning window will open on your Screen. From there, click “Yes”. Step 3: After that, BlueStacks emulator installation window will be opened. From there click on “Install now”.
Click on the Install now button to install Bluestacks on default location
Click on the Install now button to install Bluestacks on default location
After clicking it, the installer will install BlueStacks on the default location. If you want to change it then click on “Customize Installation
To change the installation path of Bluestacks click on Customize installation
To change the installation path of Bluestacks click on Customize installation
Then click on the “Folder Icon” and choose your desired location where you want to install BlueStacks with Among US.
Click on the Folder Icon to change the installation path
Click on the Folder Icon to change the installation path
Step 4: Please wait, until the installation is completed.
Downloading And Installing BlueStacks For Among Us PC
Downloading And Installing BlueStacks
Step 5: Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or you can also do it later Step 6: Search for “Among Us” in the search bar at the top right corner Step 7Click on Among Us from the search results to install it.
Click on Among Us from the search results
Click on Among Us from the search results
Step 8: Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Among Us
Click on Sign In to login into Google PlayStore
Step 9: After signing in, click on the Install button, located right-side of the screen.
Click on the Install button to install Among Us on your PC
Click on the Install button to install Among Us on your PC
Step 10: When the installation is completed, you will see the Among Us icon on your home screen. Open it and enjoy the game.


Freequently Asked Question About Among Us PC

Among Us has seen a rapid growth in prominence as a result of a number of factors. It’s a one-of-a-kind game with an intriguing asymmetrical multiplayer, it’s simple to understand thanks to a straightforward premise, and it’s (almost) free on a range of mainstream platforms, like PC and smartphone.

Among Us is a fun and entertaining video game that can help kids bond with their peers. Instead of the infrequent cartoonish action and horror themes, the Apple Store recommends Among Us for children aged nine and up. One important aspect of the game is deception and using deceit to win.

Among Us Solo Mode: A Single Player Mod that helps you to play as an imposter and torment the ship indefinitely! Among Us Solo Mode is a fan-made Mod that allows you to play the game alone, away from the toxicity of public lobbies, and as an imposter in each round.

When playing, quick thinking is important, as is a strong memory. If you want to develop your fast-thinking skills, promote voting, or just have fun, “Among Us” is an addicting game full of exigence that helps craft a quick thinker–as well as a strong liar.

Among Us is essentially a survival game in which you must either vote off all of the imposters and perform all of the tasks, or the imposter must destroy all of the crewmates or prevent them from completing the designated tasks in order to win.

Alternative Applications

Also, check the alternative of Among Us PC


Among Us PC is really a great game to play. You can play it with your friends while live chat on any calling services like discord, messenger, WhatsApp, etc. Don’t forget to rate this game on our site and also please do share our reviews about this game with your friends. We have also written Roblox Review. It is a gaming platform.

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