Check out all the latest features of Zoom Meetings at a glance

Host Up to 100 Participants, all at once!

Record Everything

Share Your Screen, Edit & Add Annotations

Secure Sessions

Schedule Your Meetings

Pros & Cons


  • Completely free and easy to use.
  • Stable connection with notification for low connectivity.
  • Clear audio and visuals.
  • Option to record everything with screen pinning functionality.


  • Only 40 minutes time limit in the free version.
  • Security issues in some cases.

Zoom Meetings Reivew

There are very few applications that saw a massive demand in this pandemic situation. However, ZOOM Cloud meetings (also known as Zoom) is one of those applications that became a huge name just a few months into the Coronavirus outbreak. Now, you have most likely heard of Zoom already but still contemplating if there are any security issues or any other problems. So, we, at Fileion, work solely to give you honest reviews and opinions on every application to ease your burden. So, read through to understand if Zoom Meetings for Mac is a good choice for you. But first, let’s look at some basic information about this overly popular piece of software.


Zoom is not a new addition to the video communication world. The parent company, Zoom Video Communications, developed the software back in 2012, eight years ago. Upon its release, the software got a reasonably positive reception from users, but it was until 2020 that it became the #1 software for video conferencing and online meetings. Students working from home, in short, who adapted online media as their primary communication channel in this deadly virus outbreak, benefitted from this software. The mobile app also became one of the most downloaded software in 2020, with almost 500 million downloads.


Zoom meetings is a feature-rich software with many functionalities and customizations. Let’s look at all the exciting features that zoom offers:

Host Up to 100 Participants, all at once!

This free-to-use software can host 100 participants in a meeting without any issue. Its powerful and robust nature is easy to use for any user, whether they join from the web or phone. 

Record Everything

The option to record your meeting is a life-changing feature. Many times you can miss out on critical pieces of information, or your unstable internet disconnects you. You can check the recording to catch up or review the meeting in your own free time in such cases.

Share Your Screen, Edit & Add Annotations

You can share your screen while you are hosting the meeting and also can give permission to others. You can add drawings and annotations to your shared screen for a more engaging conversation. 

Secure Sessions

You can password protect your meetings and add a waiting room so only your team members & invitees can join your sessions. You can view every person in the participants’ list and kick them out if they cause any disturbance. 

Schedule Your Meetings

Do you often forget about the scheduled time for meetings? Well, you don’t have to remember because Zoom automatically schedules your appointments and notifies you beforehand so that you can be punctual every time.

Download And Technical Details

Download Zoom Meetings For your Mac 2022 Latest Version
Download Zoom Meetings
Download Application

25.6 MB

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Application Name

Zoom Meetings

File Name


File Size

25.6 MB

Operating System

Mac OS X 10.9 or later

Date Published
Date Modified

10, September 2021







Hash Code


VirusTotal Scan Report:

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Installation Process

After downloading the application, follow these steps to install it

To install Zoom Meetings, first, double click on your downloaded file and wait for starting the installation.
Zoom Meetings Installation Step 1
An installation window will appear. From there click on "Continue".
Zoom Meetings Installation Step 2
Click on Install to start Installing Zoom Meetings.
Zoom Meetings Installation Step 3
Now it may ask you to provide your password. Type your password and click on "Install Software".
Zoom Meetings Installation Step 4
Now you need to wait for some moment to complete the installation process.
Zoom Meetings Installation Step 5
After the installation is finished, click on "Close" from the installation Window.
Zoom Meetings Installation Step 6
Now it will ask you whether you want to keep the installation file or not. If you don't want to keep then click on "Move to Bin". Otherwise, click on "Keep".
Zoom Meetings Installation Step 7
Your Installation process is complete. Start using Zoom Meetings on your MacOS.
Zoom Meetings Installation Step 8

Uninstallation Process

If you don't like this application, just follow these steps to uninstall it

First, Open Zoom Cloud Meetings App on your macOS.
Zoom Meetings Uninstallation Step 1
From the Mac toolbar click on "".
Zoom Meetings Uninstallation Step 2
A drop down Menu will appear. From that click on "Uninstall Zoom".
Zoom Meetings Uninstallation Step 3
A pop up may appear to ensure if you really want to uninstall Zoom Meetings. From there click on "OK".
Zoom Meetings Uninstallation Step 4
After that, you might be asked to provide your Password to continue. Type your password and click on "OK".
Zoom Meetings Uninstallation Step 5
Within a few second you will notice that Zoom Meetings has been removed from you device
Zoom Meetings Uninstallation Step 6


Freequently Asked Question About Zoom Meetings

Yes, it works on macOS. You can easily download Zoom Meetings from this page and install it on your Mac

It has both free and premium versions. On the free version, it will only allow you to continue meeting for 40 minutes.

It had some security issues in past with Mac OS. But in the latest update of Zoom Meetings, all these issues has been resolved. So you can download it and install it on your macOS without any worries.


So, what are your thoughts about¬†Zoom Meetings for Mac? Do you think it’s the best one for your meetings and video conferences? We believe that Zoom offers a balanced package of everything you want from an audio-video communication platform. So, don’t hesitate any more and download the application for your macOS from here!

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