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Publisher: WinZip Computing

Tired of going through tons of applications for your macOS but can’t find any suitable file compressor? Well, your relentless searching days are over now! WinZip For mac is the best choice for you! WinZip is the perfect tool for any file compression or extraction tasks. You can download the application from our trusted website, Fileion, without worrying about any possible viral threats.


WinZip is a one-stop file manager and compressor which has enormous usability. It is the brainchild of WinZip International LLC (a sub-company of Corel Corporation). The application was first released 30 years ago, in 1991, but the mac version was introduced in 2010. After its inception, it gathered international fame for its ease of access and unique features that set it apart from the rest of the file managing applications. The latest update from the company for the macOS was 8.0.build5151. The software offers many outstanding features such as cloud sharing, fast zipping and unzipping, high-end protection, etc.


Very few software offers such versatility and efficiency in the same package as WinZip. If you think it only works as a file compressor and extractor, you could not be more mistaken. There are tons of unique features that can ease your workflow and stress. Let’s go through them:

A One-stop Solution for Your Files

You can easily access all your files from the interface of the software. You can select which files you want to compress or decompress. You also get the freedom to create the zip files to your preference and where to store them. 

Share Instantly

You get the added benefit of sharing your files to Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Mediafire, Zipshare, SugarSync, Box, etc. So, now you are free from manually uploading files to your favorite cloud server. 

Customization Options

You can decide upon your preference how you want the look of your WinZip. You can change the view of the file window and choose your layout from several options. There are also several other features like info reduction, photo conversion, PDF conversion, watermark addition, etc.

Top-class Security & Encryption

Fear of losing your data? You don’t have to fear anything anymore! WinZip offers full protection from malware and viruses with their high-end banking-level AES encryption. So, leave everything to WinZip without the fear of losing any data from now on.


There is nothing that is flawless or perfect. While keeping that in mind, WinZip can be the near-perfect choice for you because of its credibility, technical prowess, and easy learning curve. If you are still uncertain, just quickly download the application and try it out yourself! We assure you; you won’t be disappointed.

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