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VirtualBox For Mac Download

VirtualBox For Mac Download


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VirtualBox for Mac Download for your macOS PC. It will allow you to install guest virtual machines like Windows 10, on your macOS. From Fileion, you can easily download and install it on your PC.


The name Virtualbox is familiar to the person who works with different operating systems. This utility software allows the users to use different operating systems in their single device. As you are a Mac os user, you can use or get the experience of using Windows and other operating systems without uninstalling your mac os. Here we are going to talk all about Virtualbox for Mac. So, let’s know them and if you love it then download it.

Features of Virtualbox

Virtualbox is software that is allowed to be used in all Operating systems. This is really famous among users for various reasons. To make it famous, some special features helped it. Before you download this, let’s help you to know the features and limitations of Virtualbox for mac os. Here our discussion will be based on the competitors of Virtualbox.

Open Source

Virtualbox is the only software of its category that is open source. Open source means you will be allowed to use it totally free. You need not sign up or purchase their plan. Compared to its paid competitors, Virtualbox provides very high-level service. This is one of the most powerful features of Virtualbox.

Unlimited Snapshots

Virtualbox has an option called snapshots. This is very effective in the same category of software. You will easily be able to switch from snapshots to snapshots without frequent backups. This feature is free in Virtualbox, where its nearest rival Vmware. Vmware allows this only in their premium service.

Easy User Interface

User interface marks indicate whether the software is easy to use or not. Easy interface software is more loved than others. If we consider Virtualbox’s interface then we have to rank it in a very high position. Virtualbox has only three menus in its main interface. They are Machine, File, and Help. You can easily use this software using these menus.

Old Version OS Support

This is one of the best reasons to download Virtualbox for Mac. You can use old versions of any operating systems in it if you are currently using an updated version. Most people use Virtualbox for this feature.

Limitations of Virtualbox

Besides these features which are considered as positive, these have some negative features of Virtualbox. These negative features are called Virtualbox limitations. Here are some limitations of Virtualbox for mac os.

Long Integration Time

Besides all these good sides, one of Virtualbox’s bad sides is its integration time. The primary integration of Virtualbox takes an unusually long time that is unbearable to some users.

System Resources Requirement

If your device system resource is not so high then you will face a lot of troubles in running Virtualbox. This software eats up a lot of system resources when you use different operating systems. This is a mighty problem that may make you think again about Virtualbox.

Some other limitations of Virtualbox are very common in this category of software. They are drag and drop support and no automation option for certain features. You will not be able to use the drag and drop option in it.

All software has some specialties and some limitations. Virtualbox is not out of that. The good and bad sides make it Virtualbox itself. The biggest facility of it is its open-source access. You will get all the facilities of premium software for free in Virtualbox. I hope this article helps you to make a decision about Virtualbox. Thanks for reading from us.

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