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Viber Download for your Mac OS PC for completely free. It is a messaging app for Mac OS that will allow you to stay connected with your family, friends, and colleagues. Here Fileion is providing you this chatting tool for completely free.


Viber for Mac is a messaging app for Mac OS. By using it, you can send free text messages, video calls, audio messages, and so on to other Viber app users.

It is not only available for Mac but also available for Windows, Android, and iPhone. It is a crossplatfrom app. It can sync with all your device in one place.


Viber is really easy to use as it has a user-friendly interface. Anyone who is already used WhatsApp, Messenger, or other messaging software can easily use it without any issue.

HD Voice Calls

This app has the ability to send and receive HD voice calls which will allow you to feel more comfortable in communications. It will also feel like you are talking with your friends in front of you.

Video Calls

You can also send video call to your friends, family or colleagues using Viber for Mac.

Send Photo and Stickers

Viber for mac has a noticeable feature that it can send photos to other users. You can also send stickers to other Viber users to share your feelings with others.

Sync between your Viber for Mac and other devices

Like all other devices which support Viber, Viber for mac can also sync its messages, calls, stickers, and other Data with other devices. It will let you continue your conversation from anywhere anyplace and using any devices.

Transfer ongoing calls between devices

If you are talking with someone using a Mobile device and want to continue the conversation by using your Mac OS, you can easily do it using Viber. This awesome feature is really markable in Viber.

Preinstalled Viber app needed in Mobile Device

Viber for mac requires having a preinstalled Viber App on your Android or iOS. Because it doesn’t have any ability to register an account in Viber Database.

Sending Messages or Calls to a Non Viber User

Viber for mac can easily send Messages or Calls to non-Viber users. But you may pay money for this. Because calling non-Viber users using Viber is not free.


By using Viber for Mac you can also do your conference, meetings, and so on.


A man who stays far away from their family and friends, Viber for Mac is really a great tool for them. It will allow you to stay connected with your nearest one at all times.

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