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uTorrent Download for your Mac OS. It is a client-based software of BitTorrent which allows us to download large files. From Fileion you can easily download the uTorrent DMG file and install it on your Mac OS device.


uTorrent is a client-based software of BitTorrent which allows us to download large files, such as HD videos and audio clips, in a short period of time. It uses a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing protocol which allows us to download files from other users instead of downloading them directly from web servers. Users can find anything they want like videos, music, games, and apps, etc., and download them for free using this software. uTorrent is owned and developed by BitTorrent Inc. and has over 150 million users worldwide. It can be run on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

How uTorrent Works

At first, we need to know, what is a torrent? Torrent is a file transfer protocol based on peer-to-peer technology. It means that people can download files from other computers around the world instead of downloading them from a central server. In torrent, files are distributed across a wide range of networks instead of being located in a central server. Here the term ‘network’ refers to the people who use the torrent client software, like the “uTorrent” in their computer. Upon using torrent client we need to be familiar with terms like tracker, peers, seeders, and leechers.

Seeders are people who own the torrent file and are sharing it with others who are still downloading it. Peers are people who are downloading the file from the torrent. Leechers are peers who do not have the entire file in their system. Once a peer has his/her file is fully downloaded, then they become a seeder. Tracker is a server that keeps track of the seeds and peers in the torrent.

Suppose we want to download an HD movie whose file size is 3.5 gigabytes. When seeders own this specific file they create a torrent file of the respective file. The torrent file contains metadata of the file such as its name, size, and location. The seeder will publish the torrent file on the web which will afterward be downloaded by other end users (known as peers). In order to open the torrent file, we need a torrent client like uTorrent. Now suppose 4 peers choose to download the movie.

Then the uTorrent will do the job of splitting the files into parts and send them to the 4 peers. After receiving the files the peers become seeders. The seeders themselves act as servers. They exchange part of the file they have or don’t have with other seeders. This process allows seeders to get data quickly from multiple servers instead of all users requesting data together from a single server. After the peer gets the entire file, then uTorrent verifies it, accumulates parts, and saves it in its respective computer.

How To Use

First, we find a torrent site online where we can download the torrent file. uTorrent will use this torrent file to download the media files we want on our computer.
We can use the search bar at the top section in the uTorrent to get our desired files.
The icons at the top right corner are used to perform operations such as add or remove the torrent file, pause, resume or stop the download
The Up and Down arrows button allows us to queue up our files.
The bottom panel displays the status of an individual file being downloaded and the speed of its execution.


uTorrent is free to use but it has its own premium version. It is easy to use and takes up little memory space during its runtime.

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