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Skype Download for Mac for completely free. It is a free communication app that will allow you to stay connected with your family, friends, and colleagues. Here from Fileion you can easily download and install it on your Mac OS without worrying about security issues.


Skype is in of the most important and popular social media. It is a free communication tool. In 2005 Niklas Zennnstrom and Janus Fries was create Skype. Then in 2011 Microsoft brought Skype from there. This app is slowly spreading to people. We were very surprised at the end of 2010, we saw that the number of users reached 600 billion.


It is very simple to use on a Mac Device. It is as easy as any other messenger. Besides you can calling, using the text chat feature to exchange messages with Skype users, send media, record video messages. The main window Skype 4 is dedicated to contacts, favorite contacts, and recent Activists. It also supports sending text messages to Mobile phones, Windows, Mac, and iPhone.

Free communication software for Mac

Skype For Mac can’t close easily because there is no quit option. It improves the battery usage of the application. It is free to install on Mac OS.

Connect with world using your Mac OS

Using it, we can talk on video chat. The window is amazing. Skype calls are free anywhere in the world and users
need to pay premium features like voice mail, SMS, text, landline calls. It is safe to install. People still use the video standards from the operating system. 108 languages being available on Skype. Besides messengers, WhatsApp, Facebook, telegram people are using Skype.

Noticeable Features of Skype for Mac

Skype made its own reputation on the Visual platform. Microsoft changed many features and made the best security for it. Skype is also important for businesses. You can transfer money, share your location, schedule calls, create polls, and etc on Skype. It is holographic.

Creating Skype Account

First, we should create an account for Skype. Then you need to enter some information like an email address or phone number. Then you should choose a strong password to create an account for Microsoft and then you get a verification code in your email address or phone number. Then you need to confirm your account and then it will be ready to use.

A common issue

During the conference call, sometimes the Skype camera may not work and it is the most common problem ever. In this case, you need to check if you have enabled a Mac web camera with Skype. If it does not work then you should check if the problem isn’t with Mac’s camera. You can also reset its factory settings first before you try to reinstall the Skype app.


Skype is really an important medium for many businesses. We, Fileion, also use skype as our main communication software with our clients. So highly recommend this software to you. Download Skype for Mac OS Now.

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