Pros & Cons


  • Lots of sharing benefits
  • Opportunity to stream
  • The benefit of sharing the source of entertainment
  • Can be used free of charge
  • Very easy to use and does not require an internet connection later.


  • Which is annoying when it comes to advertising when it comes to sharing.
  • It is not necessary to have share brick in one device only, it is important to have it in another device also.
  • Occasionally there is a delay in detecting the receiving device.

SHAREit Reivew


Shareit is basically an exchange method that will give you the opportunity to exchange or share different files. You can also take important or necessary files from one person as well as you can give. It is a tool for many tasks.

What can it share?

Shareit is a work app that can share many types of media. Can transfer from one device to another. Different media such as it can transfer any file. Also can share songs, videos, pictures. We use many types of work app for someone. If necessary, these apps can be shared through ShareIt. Makes a lot of work easier for us.

Features of SHAREit

There are several features of shareit. However, all the features are due to sharing. Some features are highlighted below.

File Sharing

Nowadays we do all kinds of online work and we like to save the work as a file. If for some reason the files need to be transferred from one device to another, but it is possible to do so through Shareit. It is possible to transfer to the device.

Data transfer system

We store a lot of data on our devices. If there is a need to quickly transfer data to another device, but Shareit is a very useful app. It can transfer data very quickly in a short time.

 Share through entertainment

.Entertainment is our leisure companion at present. Music, movies, various videos are important sources of entertainment. These can be easily transferred from one device to another via Shareit.You can also transfer your captured images to another device if you wish.

Transfer apps

We use many kinds of apps. If you think there is an app on your phone, it is not in your friend’s phone but he wants to take the app, then Shareit is a good medium. By sharing through Shareit, you can use the app yourself and your friend can also use it.


Shareit is a good and working tool. It is a working tool for transfer. It works very well, works very fast. You can easily do any work related to your share.

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