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  • Fast
  • Data Saver
  • Battery Saver
  • Ad-blocker
  • Speed Dial
  • Sidebar
  • Free VPN
  • Topmost security and privacy


  • No Flash supporting option

Opera Web Browser Reivew

 To surf the valley of the Internet, the first thing you need is a web browser. Opera Web Browser for Mac is one of the best web browsers, if not the best web browser in the world of browsers. It is a secure and fast web browser used by Mac Operating System users all over the world. Let’s explore the features of Opera Web Browser for Mac below.


Fast and Efficient

This Chromium-based web browser is designed to explore the internet fast and more importantly with less data. Its multi-tab browsing feature provides a tireless and fast browsing experience.

User Friendly

This browser is very much eye-soothing and user-friendly. Speed Dial and Sidebar options make it even easier to operate as mentioned below.

Speed Dial

This is one of the most favorite features of this browser for Mac users. You can store your favorite sites and easily access them by using the speed dial tab. In the speed dial tab, your favorite sites appear like thumbnails. Mac users can manually create and store their favorite sites as thumbnails or the browser can automatically store your most-visited site in the speed dial tab. You can edit, drag and move around your favorite site thumbnails which is pretty interesting.


The sidebar option makes this browser unique. Opera Web Browser includes Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter in the sidebar so that you can access them without switching to another app.

Privacy and Security

This web browser provides Mac users utmost privacy and security. It allows you to delete your private data such as browsing history, cookies, cache, and passwords effectively. It judges the security issues of the sites you visit and warns you of fraud and malware. You can use a free browser VPN so that nobody can track you.

Specialties of Opera Browser

Let’s take a glimpse at some specialties of Opera Web Browser for Mac that might come in handy.


This built-in Ad-blocker service makes life easier for Mac users. Using this service, you can browse with fewer distractions. It helps to load the pages faster.


This free browser VPN offers Mac users to browse privately and with more security.


The snapshot tool allows you to easily capture your browser screen. Using this, you can easily capture important documents from web pages quickly and fast. It also offers you to edit and even share your captured snapshot which is pretty unique.

Unit Changer

This little handy built-in option of Opera Web Browser automatically changes Time, Currency, and other measure units according to your location.

Customizable News

You can find a section of news on the home page of Opera Web Browser which is of course customizable. You can set preferences for your favorite news categories.

Battery Saver

Opera Web Browser for Mac users is designed to consume much less battery which extends the battery life of your device.

Crypto Wallet

Opera Web Browser for Mac includes Crypto Wallet technology that would help you to pay with your cryptocurrencies.

Is Opera Web Browser for Mac Safe?

This is another important question about the Opera browser. Some people can’t trust this browser for many reasons. But they are mostly wrong, Opera Web Browser is one of the world’s safest browsers. We recommend you download it from trustworthy sites to ensure your security.

We need a browser to explore the virtual world. So, this is a very important software for our PC or Smartphone. If we have an Opera Web Browser for Mac Operating System, then it is going to be an easy task to browse the internet. Like every other Mac user, Opera Web Browser might be your Internet exploring surf-board.

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