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Mozilla Firefox download for completely free for your macOS X PC. It is a web browser developed for browsing the world more easily. From Fileion you can easily download the latest version of the Firefox DMG file and install it on your Mac PC.


Mozilla Firefox for Mac is an open-source web browser For Mac OS. It’s totally free to use. It was first released in November 2004.

It developed by Mozilla Foundation. It supports Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also supports Android and iOS devices. It was famous for its performance and user-friendly interface.

Data save

The application saves your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, and even tabs in your Mac computer’s browser on your Android. If for some reason you start the application and then turn off the computer, then your application will be saved in history. You do not have to search hard.

Auto-hide option

You can easily hide the toolbar, bookmarks, and tab bar. To do this you need to press “F11” from your keyboard. This allows us to see more access to the screen in full-screen mode. You can also disable auto-hide for toolbar and bookmarks by right-clicking on the toolbar and unchecking the auto-hide option.

Technological System

Mozilla Firefox For Mac support HTML, DOM,  XHTML,CSS are include in Firefox and it improving technological system day by day.

Platform Support

Firefox supports not only Mac OS but also it supports Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. It also has the ability to sync between all of these devices.


Mozilla Firefox has a Power full security system. It can easily detect malware and harmful sites and warn you before you visit those sites. You can also control which information you want to share with websites and which you don’t want.


As we have already said, Mozilla Firefox For Mac Download has a clean and user-friendly interface. You also have the opportunity to customize your Firefox by installing your desired Firefox theme.

Toolbar Customization

For your more comfort Mozilla Firefox for Mac supports toolbar customizations. You can easily customize your firefox toolbar by clicking on menubar then click on “Customize Toolbar“. Then customize as you want.


Firefox has all kinds of facilities. We have used Firefox. Didn’t get any bad results. So We suggest you use Mozilla Firefox for Mac. So install Firefox for Mac and start searching the world by using it.

Download And Technical Details

Download Mozilla Firefox For your Mac 2022 Latest Version
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