Pros & Cons


  • Its interface is very simple.
  • Has a very well known design
  • You can have your own Smart playlist
  • Mini-player version available


  • It only supports a few file formats
  • Some additional features may seem useless.

iTunes Reivew


iTunes is one of the leading streaming devices, commonly used to play music with its various functions. The app is elegant and consumers have a simple way to work without any help. iTunes also enables the download of music and other media without third-party applications.

Some Well-known things about iTunes

One positive thing about iTunes is that the interface never goes any further from its initial configuration considering the several updates in each redesign. The comfort allows its users a simple time to adapt to new features and slight modifications made by iTunes. There is no reason to fear because it is already perfectly arranged, that unexpectedly you cannot locate or navigate those sections of the media player. He continues to prioritize his music library for which he was initially responsible until he could still house film, radio, TV shows, and other multimedia.

It is convenient and simple to manage your music collection since iTunes still filters the songs by bands, songs, song titles, and genres. The same applies to the establishment and management of playlists. iTunes can help to categorize and filter the music automatically with its own clever playlists, including 90. In addition, your newest, recently added, performed and top 25 tunes can be reviewed. Those playlists are a great help if you’ve got any new music that you want to listen to again and again, or you only have a couple of tracks on your over 100 lists.

All the File size you can use

The iTunes window typically supports most of our screens and it becomes difficult to browse or to use our music while it is minimized when using the media controls simultaneously. Luckily, the new iTunes versions now enable us to move to a more easy and open GUI, not just to reduce the window size. The iTunes mini-player shrinks iTunes into a minimalistic bar that only houses the media controls and the symbol for the song. This look is even more than trying a little square window to reduce iTunes. The mini player is still open and non-intrusive.

Reason of iTunes popularity

iTunes is a software that is easy to use. As already stated, its GUI is very clean and structured, so that users don’t get lost or confused. That is to say, its architecture does not vary much and what you are looking for can easily be found. You can also move to the iTunes store by using open tabs from your music library. All the functionality and functions are only one click away.


iTunes is very easy to use and its much essential for any music lover. You can easily download this from here.

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