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One of the most used applications of google is their Earth. This is used to watch any part of the world from the satellite. Besides this, Google Earth has many other most useful features for its users. If you can use this properly then you will be surprised. Here we are going to talk about Google Earth Pro for Mac. We will try to find all the services Google Earth will provide to its users. So, let’s start.


Before judging software and its quality, we try to find all the features of it. This is very important to know. Here we are going to discuss all the special features of Google Earth Pro for Mac. All the good sides of it are discussed here in the “Features” section but the bad sides are discussed in the limitation section.

Use advanced GIS

Google Earth is already special in its free version. But when Google makes a pro package for Mac users, this package becomes more attractive with some other special features. Among these features, the Geographic Information System (GIS) is one. In the pro version for Mac, this is most impressive. In this system, the software analyzes the geographical data and presents them to the users.

Area Measurement

This is also a feature of Google Earth Pro that makes it more amazing. In this feature, users get access to an option in the Google Earth app that helps them to measure the area. This also measures the radius and circumference of that area.

Demographic View

The demographic view is another feature of Google Earth Pro for Mac. In this feature, Google Earth will show you all the demographic information related to the area. Most of the users love this feature of Google Earth Pro.

Traffic Data

We find traffic data in Google Maps. This data helps us to find the crowded road and also free roads. This information is very helpful for the drivers or riders. In recent times, Google Earth also added this feature in their Pro version for Mac. But this is more improved than the Google Map.

HD Screenshot

You can take HD quality screenshots of different locations if you are a pro version user of Google Earth. This helps the user to share the HD aerial view of any area with their friends.

Offline Film

Google Earth helps us to make an aerial view video of any location. But it needs an internet connection but if you take their pro package then you will do this while you are offline.


Usually, limitations are not a matter of pro version apps or software. And when the software is from Google then no limitation is allowed. In the same way, Google Earth Pro for Mac has no serious limitations. But you just have to see the system requirements. If your PC meets the requirements then you can use it without any problem.


The free version of Google Earth is good enough to give you proper service. But if you feel for the pro version of it then you can try. Thanks for reading from us. Continue coming here and reading about software.

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