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Download XAMPP For Mac for completely free. It is a web development tool that will allow you to develop your website on your local server. You can easily download it from Fileion and install it on your Mac OS.


XAMPP for Mac OS is an important application for web developers. These include server, programming languages, PHP and PERL, and the database management system MySQL. XAMPP stands for cross-platform (X), Apache (A), MySQL (M), PHP (P), and PERL (P) which are also the main component of the stack package. All these applications are installed from a single file.

PHP and Apache are free to open source software and both come installed on the Mac OS. Apache is one of the most used web servers nowadays.


XAMPP makes it easy to install Apache Web Server, PHP, Pear, and MySQL on Mac OS. It’s a free package. It is totally free and open-source software. You can easily install it and use it on your Mac. Download XAMPP Offline installer setup. Some apps are very expensive to use and they carry viruses and destroys many files. But XAMPP is completely free to install and use. And from this app, we can get many benefits.

Best For Web Developers

Many web developers use this application to develop their websites. XAMPP has much powerful security. The main aim of this software is to make it easy for developers to install all tools for Web Server using one single software. It also has the aim to easily include the developers in the world of apache. The app is configured with all features turned in to make it convenient for developers. It also helps to commercial use and product licenses. Commercial use is also free for this app. PHP dev package is the most popular in XAMPP.


XAMPP is a software distribution that provides some app. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. XAMPP for Mac allows you to build WordPress sites offline, on a local web server on a Mac computer. It should never be used in production environments. Its steps are taken to secure it on the development machine.

Running Local Web Server on Mac

After we download and install this application on our Mac OS, we need to open the XAMPP control panel and start the apache module. Then we can open our browser and type “localhost/” or “” in the URL option to see if XAMPP is running well. If XAMPP installed then it will show “XAMPP server running successfully” and it correctly configured. XAMPP does not deliver viruses.


If you are a web developer and a Mac OS user then XAMPP is a must for you. Because it will allow you to run your website on your local server before publishing it online. As a result, you will be also able to debug your website’s bugs and issues. So what are you waiting for? Download XAMPP for Mac now.

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