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Publisher: Piriform Ltd

Are you tired of watching your macOS device slow down? Or don’t know why your hard drive is getting full without doing anything? Well, now you have a world-class solution for your problems. CCleaner for Mac does everything for now! It Doesn’t matter what kind of junk files or unnecessary files your Mac stores. CCleaner will crawl through your Mac to delete all the unrecognized and unimportant big files so that you can have a seamless experience. 


CCleaner (Initially dubbed as Crap Cleaner) was first developed for Windows PC in 2004 by Piriform. Later in 2012, the parent company decided to make their famous utility application for macOS. CCleaner was a massive success for the company, with billions of downloads on different platforms. The company Piriform was then acquired by Avast in 2017, the Czech cybersecurity company, and a mobile version was also released to popular demand. CCleaner is one of the most prestigious software for one-stop cleansing designed to support any computer or mobile phone. 

Unparalleled Features

CCleaner offers more features than you can ever imagine. From deep cleaning to tuning, it does everything to make your Mac run faster. As it is one of the most advanced utility applications for your Mac, it can free your hard drive space by removing any unimportant files, regularly checks your Mac for potential risk of slowing down, and many more. 

Full PC Check-up

CCleaner operates with a single goal: Making your Mac run faster. To achieve that goal, CCleaner runs a complete check-up every day and notifies you of any unwanted files hogging your precious space and slowing down your efficiency.

Lightning-fast Navigation

CCleaner checks for new and unwanted files from your favorite web browsers. Whether you use Safari, Chrome, Firefox, the browsers download and store data on your Mac to load the pages faster. These data or cookies eat up a substantial chunk of your storage space. CCleaner cleans through all those cookies and frees up a lot of storage for better navigation throughout the operating system.

Customized Cleaning Process

You have full-packed control over CCleaner for cleaning methods. You can manually select the folders you don’t want to check for cleaning and avoid losing your important files. You also have the command over many other advanced settings to perfectly customize according to your preference.

Uncompromised Security 

CCleaner offers complete protection by cleaning passwords and private information by any uninvited website. It also erases cookies and browser history to avoid any risk or suspicious activities by your browsers.

Critical Success

With over 2.5 billion downloads after its initial release, this user-friendly application doesn’t need further acclaim or accolades. Many famous online publication companies such as CNET, Chip.deTechRadar, PC Magazine, and TechRepublic have praised CCleaner for its rich features by saying that it is a must-have tool. 

Final Verdict

With tons of stunning, user-friendly features and customization, CCleaner could not be any better. Whether you are frustrated with the current condition of your Mac device or want to increase your computing speed, CCleaner is the solution to your problems. So, don’t wait anymore and download CCleaner for Mac from Fillion!

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