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Today I am going to introduce you to the most played games of Roblox. Every day millions of players play this game as it is one of the easiest games of Roblox. This game is named “Work at a Pizza Place”. In this game, you have to play many roles according to your wish. Mainly there are 6 roles to play. These are Cashier, Cook, Boxer, Deliveryman, Supplier and finally Manager. You can choose any of these as your wish.

Starting the Game

At the very first of the video, you would see all the information about this game. There you can see how many players were playing at that time also. You can also know about the developers and contributors before starting the game. This game was created in 2008 by Dued1. And till now about 3 billion people visited this game. Also, 2.1 million players like this game, and the ratio of like is 93%.

After clicking on the play button, the game started and there was no sound. I thought it could be my fault. Maybe I didn’t turn on the music. So, I checked my Phone’s sound system but there was no problem. Then I realized that Roblox was not permitting me to record the sound. As a result, this gameplay video has no sound.

As I said before, you can choose any role to start your game. Just click on choose the role you want to play.

Another thing is that you can buy a private server to play Work at a Pizza Place with only your friends. It will cost 100 Robux.

Now let’s continue to the game.


The first work of this game is the cashier. In this role, you have to take orders from the customers by clicking on their question mark. They will show you an icon of a Pizza or a can. Click on the same icon among the icons that are showing in front of your table. After a few seconds, the game will give you some coins as your payment. And, the game will give you payment continuously within some time. You can complete the tutorial by standing on the yellow circle. It will be best for you I think.


The second work you can do as a cook. You have to make all the pizzas ordered by customers. Complete the tutorial or watch the video carefully to know how to cook a pizza. You will also get paid for cooking. And, yes you can get those wings only if you buy them.

Pizza Boxer

Take the boxes from the above and add pizza to them. After that close the box and put it on the black square place. Complete the tutorial or watch the video for better gameplay.

Delivery man

After boxing the pizzas, now it’s time to deliver them to the customers. Take the boxes and deliver those to the customer’s house. Each box has the house number. You just need to go to those addresses and give the boxes to the customer. In this case, you can use cars that are parking outside of Pizza Place or you can buy a pizza bike using Robux.


Go to the supply center, take the big truck and watch above to see what item you need for making pizza. Stand on that circle of your needed pizza and wait for that item. After receiving that item, put them all in your truck. And, then drive the truck to Pizza Place and pull down the button to leave all the items. If you have any problems then complete the tutorial.


The only work that you can not select as your wish is Manager. You can become a manager only after the manager leaves the game or resign his work as a manager. To become a manager, you need to go to the manager’s office and take over his seat. I did not have the chance to become a manager so there is no video of working as a manager. But after playing a couple of games, finally, I got the chance to become the Manager. And then I realize the power of The Manager. The manager can give any player bonus, can start a vote for kicking a player, and also can put a player to work.


If you do not want to do any work then you can stay at your house and have fun with your friends. There will a name tag on your house. You can only enter in your house but you can enter in your friend’s house only if your friend give permission. Spend coins to get a bigger and better house for you.


After reading this article now you can easily play Work at a Pizza Place and more coins than before. With those coins, you can buy necessary things for your house and also you can upgrade your house. You can also learn Everything about Work at a Pizza Place just by watching my gameplay video.


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