3 Best Android Apps for Image to Text Conversion

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Technology has improved in the past years to make our everyday tasks more seamless. Similar improvements have been made to the optical recognition technology, invented in the late 90s. Now, this technology has become capable of extracting text from images. But how accessible is this technology?

The Image to text conversion has become even easier with the OCR mobile applications. Now you can convert your hard-form documents into editable text by scanning them with your smartphone camera. These applications will enhance the capability of your smartphones and tablets to work as an efficient image-to-text convertors.

However, many applications are out there with their operating system limitations and compatibility. Therefore, we have featured the 3 best android apps for Image to text conversion, which will work seamlessly on your smartphones without additional permissions.

Why Should we use Apps instead of Online Image to Text?

Mobile application development aims to make things easier and more efficient for smartphone users. Even though dozens of web-based OCR applications are available online, it is convenient for smartphone users to access the Image to text recognition technology with the help of their smartphone camera. There are countless numerous of using OCR technology with mobile applications such as.

  • Offline access to files saved on local storage.
  • Instant access to all the features.
  • Efficient loading time.
  • Direct access to mobile camera.
  • Compatibility with mobile screen and camera.
  • Access to multiple font styles.
  • Instant scanning and sharing of documents.

3 Best Image to Text Conversion Apps for Android

Now we will discuss the top Image to text conversion apps that you can download and use for free on Android smartphones and tablets. We will go through the features and working of each app for the better elaboration of their unique accessibility.

1.    Image to Text -OCR

The free Image to text conversion with all the latest features is now possible with Prepostseo's OCR mobile application. This app does not require log in or signup, making it completely free. Whether it's infographics, scanned documents, screenshots, or camera photos, this tool will accurately scan it all within a fraction of a second to give you text in editable file format.

How to Use

1)      Open the application and press the camera button featured in the middle of the interface.

2)      You can take a document picture in real-time or access the app's gallery to upload an image.

3)      Once the Image is uploaded, crop the section from which you want to scan the text.

4)      Tap 'Done,' and the tool will give you the scanned text as an output.

5)      You can copy the text directly or instantly share it in a document file with anyone.

Key Features

  • Text-to-speech feature.
  • Capable of recognizing handwritten text.
  • Besides the alphabet, it can scan mathematical equations.
  • Provides camera feature support.
  • Instant sharing with just a few clicks.

2.    Smart Lens

This mobile application is simple to operate as it makes the text scanning process work like magic. Smart Lens works a little differently from your traditional OCR applications. This Image to text app works in real-time to extract text out of an image. Plus, it gives you the feasibility of instant sharing right on the interface to make things seamless.

How to Use

1)  Open the application, and it will direct you to the camera section of the application. You can also select an image or screenshot to scan from your phone's gallery.

2)  Scan the Image; the app will extract the text in a pop-up.

3)  It will present all the options to share, copy, and edit the text.

4)  You can also provide feedback to the application developers about the results.

5)  Moreover, it saves the history of previously scanned documents to make things easier to access.

Key Features

  • Option to scan text in real time.
  • Free to use application with all the features accessibility.
  • Recognizes numbers and alphabets.
  • Works for multiple languages.
  • Keeps the history of previously scanned documents.

3.      Image To-Text

This mobile application is one of the most user-friendly OCR tools you can find for your smartphone. The Image text OCR tool is a relatively easy-to-use online tool that works seamlessly by following a step-by-step approach to text extraction from Image. No signup or trial payment is required to use this application; it works for free.

How to Use

1)    The home screen of the Image text mobile application will provide you with two options. You can take a picture or scan the Image from the gallery source.

2)    Once you have uploaded the image, crop the section that you want to scan for text.

3)    Click the arrow icon indicating next to the uploaded image.

4)    In a few seconds, the tool will provide you with scanned text out of the Image

5)    The text can be downloaded in a text file or directly copied.

Key Features

  • Allows scanning text from captured images and screenshots.
  • Supports multiple image file formats.
  • Option to crop and capture images from one interface.
  • Recognizes more than one language.
  • Works for free without any signup.


Image-to-text conversion has become a lot easier with OCR technology. Now, this technology has reached our fingertips in the form of mobile applications. With Android being one of the most commonly used operating systems, there are so many OCR applications that you can find for your smartphones and tablets.

This article featured the top Image to text conversion mobile applications, which can help you extract text from any image format. We discussed the usage and features of these mobile applications to elaborate on their functionalities. In this way, you can find the ideal option for your usage. We hope this article helped you to gain valuable information about Image to text conversion technology in the form of a mobile application.


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