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Media players take a considerable amount of our daily lives. Whether we use it for educational purposes to listen class lectures or entertainment purposes, we can’t ignore the fact that we depend on it regularly. So, it is necessary to use a great media app to level up our viewing experience. Winamp for Windows is one of the great choices if you want a free but excellent player. Get to know more before trying the app from here.


Nullsoft, a software company formed by Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev, developed the media player in 1997. It changed acquisition two times: First by AOL and later by Radionomy. It features tons of skins and plugins with a premium version of the app. Windows, macOS, Android support this software, and it has a small footprint of less than 8 MB. The company regularly updates its firmware and settings to satisfy its loyal customers. The current stable version is 5.8.

Winamp for Features

Here are the detailed features of this incredible application:

Modern Design Elements

With its recent updates, the interface got a major overhaul. Beautiful UI animation, redesigned taskbar, easy-to-use navigation make it one of the most compact media players out there. You won’t find such a complete blend of features with functionality elsewhere. 

Play Your Favorite Audios and Videos

Enjoy any playback with a wide range of support for many popular formats. For audio, it plays MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV, MOD, XM, etc. Your favorite video formats, such as AVI, mp4, etc., play smoothly as well. So, don’t hesitate or restrict your media experience anymore!

Sync Your Library with Android

If you have an Android phone, you are in luck because this application features syncing functionality through a wireless connection. You will be able to connect your phone with your PC application with some simple steps. After that, enjoy your media library from your phone.

Customize as You Want

From adding plugins and changing skins to making your customized control tab, there’s room for everything! Get crazy with giving Winamp a look that you will love. Access your control tab from your default browser and navigate from there.

Winamp Player Download for Windows PC

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Winamp for Windows is more efficient and compatible with audio than video. So, if you are looking for an incredible audio player with a decent video playback option, this can be a great pick for you. So, download and try this application now!

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