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Top 5 Online Notepad to write and save Notes Quickly

Top 05 Online Notepad to write and save Notes Quickly

Top 05 Online Notepad to write and save Notes Quickly

Are you struggling with storing your Paper notes in a proper place? Do you find it difficult to manage your notes and study register? As the world is digitalizing we are relying on phones and digital devices for even our minor tasks.

To your surprise, there are many online note-taking tools. All of these are digital time-saving and can maximize the usage of your time. Because they require little or no management at all.

Why we should use online notepads

Online note-taking tools boost our productivity and they improve the day we spent in our daily lives. They help us to organize our notes, take digital notes, and organize other stuff (business and meetings) on it. We will discuss some of the benefits of online notepad tools.

Taking digital notes in school:

Whether you are a school student, college student, or a university student you have to take notes in the class to study. You may find it difficult to gather a register, a bunch of marlers, ball pens, sticky notes, and other stuff to take notes in the class.

Some student who shows carelessness can lose their notes somewhere in a hurry, and turning all their efforts in vain.

Taking digital notes can help you to organize your notes the way you want, anywhere you want. It will also help you in editing it any time and saving the document. The risk of using the document is much lesser as they can be saved in online google drive, one drive, dropbox, etc.

 The online notes do not require any special management as taking care of paper notes.

Use in the workplace:

In business meetings and offices, with the help of digital notepads, you can make appointments, schedule calls, take notes in a meeting, etc. These digital notes also enhance productivity in the office workspace. Some notepads are also used for Programming like Notepad++.

Planning your day and organizing it:

Are you someone who finds it difficult to take a pen and notebook to plan your day? Mostly we spent our time on the phone so basically, we are trying to manage everything on our phone.

Digital notepads tools help you to make a to-do list for the whole day. Also to write important information, to save the passwords of different accounts.

Taking notes for grocery items to bring home, and anything you want to remember late like writing the oil change date of your motorbike, number code on the oil change date.

Bloggers and writers can prepare the outline for the document and can even write the article in this tool. Because it has grammar checking and plagiarism checking features already installed in it.


Here are some of the best online digital note-taking tools.

Carrying the slogan “ Edit Text with Ease”, the text editor is among the most versatile and efficient note-taking tools. The tool is accessible from all devices (Windows, Android, iOS, etc). All you need is to search the tool from your device and start taking instant notes.

The tool has a user-friendly interface, attracting users from all over the world.

Following are the features which make it stand out among others:

Upload of Text 

The tool offers the option of uploading your text so that you don’t have to physically type your notes. You can simply upload the text and segregate your bullet points to make notes.


The tool offers versatility in note-taking.  For students looking to make detail-oriented notes, the tool offers multiple font options. Using this feature, you can add a heading and all your subheadings related to the main point.

The tool also offers colored text. you can highlight the figures, numbers, and quantities which you want to remember afterward.

Downloading Option

The tool allows you to download your notes. Oftentimes, you have to copy and paste the text from online tools. Frankly speaking, this practice kills the charm. It changes your font styles, sentence settings, highlighted words, and figures.

The tool offers you to download your notes in their original form. You can use these notes to write your complete work without having to worry about reformatting.

Fast and Easy to Use

For any note-taker, speed is an important criterion. It helps in taking notes while listening to a live lecture or a zoom class. The text editor ensures that. The user keys have been kept simple to further facilitate the ease of work.

The tool is recommended for every student looking to take quality notes with minimal effort.

Editpad online text editor is a digital note-taking tool as well providing all the features that are available,e in MIcrisfit word like editing, wrong, checking grammar, and checking plagiarism.

Word count check:

This online note-taking allows its users to take notes and can check the word count and character count to maintain for a homework assignment or other stuff.

Plagiarism, Editing, and paraphrasing:

This online note-taking tool allows the users to check plagiarism, find and correct the grammatical errors in the document, and paraphrase or rewrite the entire document. All these features in this online text editor Are just one click away.

Download and save the document:

The users can save the document in the form pdf or doc file on the computer or laptop and you can even share the file with your friends etc.

Prespot seo text editor is an online note-taking tool that does not require the installation of any software.

This online note-taking tool has these features for its users.

Plagiarism checking and paraphrasing:

This online note-taking tool composes notes as well as takes care of the grammar and plagiarism in the document to create error-free and plagiarism-free notes for its users, so they can sue it unhesitantly anywhere. This online note-taking tool can also paraphrase the entire document to make it free from plagiarism and to save its users from copyright penalties.

Free to use and no registration:

This document is free to use and does not require any log-in information, asking for email, registration, etc. The users are allowed to access this document for free and to enhance the productivity in their lives by using it fr various purposes.

Online text

This online note-taking tool allows the users to take notes anywhere and anytime, the users just need to open this tool and write the stuff they want to enter.

Correcting the grammatical errors:

This online note-taking tool not only allows the users to write and compose notes but it has built-in editing and grammar checking software installed so that users can autocorrect the grammatical errors.

Save and edit the document later:

The users can save the document in pdf form. They can also save the file in the cloud to avoid the risk of losing the document. If you missed any detail or information, you can edit the document by entering in it and saving the new document.

No registration and free to use:

 This tool doesn’t require any special logins or registrations to ask for paid subscription. This tool Is completely free to use which means that you can it any time without spending a penny.

Extendclass allows the text to enter in plain form. This tool is easy to use. The users just need to open the browser and start writing their stuff. They can compose one for studying or writing. They can also do other stuffs like preparing a draft and researching for the article, etc.

Upload the file in word form

This note-taking tool also allows the users to upload the document from the Word file to re-edit the file.

Login infirmation

This online tool requires login so that users can register their accounts. This is helpful as sometimes users lot their documents due to unexpected errors or format in the device. By entering the login information into the tool, they can get access to their previous documents.

This is a digital note-taking app. It is user-friendly and the users just need to write down their thoughts. Saving the document is as easy as writing.

Pin the important document:

This note-taking app doesn’t have advanced features like other note-taking apps. But it has features like you can pin the important file at the top.

App feature:

Although it is an online browser, users can download the app on their mobile phones to make it more accessible.


The above note-taking tools can be used to make your day more productive and to organize your study and office notes. It doesn’t matter which note-taking tool you are using, the basic purpose of these note-taking tools is to save your thoughts. You can choose any note-taking tool until they fit best for the features you are looking for.

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