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Mass media, entertainment, music has become a part of our lives. While many rely on multiple apps to manage their entertainment videos and audio, KMPlayer lets you do that all in one. It has a very clean-looking UI and rich features that everyone will love. KMPlayer (also known as KMP) is a widely used media software that supports Windows, iOS, Android, etc. So, you can enjoy an immersive experience on any popular platform.


This media software was first released in 2002 by its previous owner and creator, Kang Yong-Huee. Later on, Pandora TV bought the rights of the software in 2007, and it has been their product ever since. It supports any Windows OS after the 2000 edition. Since its release, the app has been downloaded more than a billion times on all platforms. It has widespread fame for being consistent throughout the years and regularly updating its looks to be relevant.

KMPlayer Features

Here you will find all the details about those awesome features that we covered before.

Immersive Videos

The application supports any category of video, audio file format. You can watch 4K videos or movies without any lag or stutter. Whether it’s a high-frame-rate video or blu-ray one, you won’t have any problem with any of them. Also, it has support for pictures and photos, so you can use it as an image viewer if you wish. 

Video Codecs and Hardware Acceleration

Do you know that video codecs can significantly improve the stability and quality of a playback? They help the PC to optimize the video formats and smoothen your video watching experience. Also, hardware acceleration is a gamechanger when it comes to low-end PC compatibility. That’s why KMPlayer has everything to deliver a better experience.

Mobile Sync & Connect

The most captivating feature is the ability to watch on your mobile via KMP Connect. With this feature, you can cast your PC videos on your phone if you have the KMPlayer on your phone. It is one of the unique and advanced features of this application that separates it from other similar apps.

Downloadable Content

If you watch tons of YouTube or social media videos daily, you will find this feature helpful. KMPlayer lets you browse many videos streaming sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc., and download them for offline use. So, you can watch those later whenever you want.

Download KMPlayer for Windows PC

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