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WinRAR is an experienced player in the file compressing world with users over multiple operating systems. Introduced back in 1995 for Windows and years later adapted for Android (dubbed as RAR), the software was a massive hit. WinRAR packed a small size with innovative features that were the reason behind billions of downloads over the years. The Android version has similar functionalities as the Windows one, with support for RAR, ZIP, BZ2, 7z, TAR files., GZ, ISO files. In addition to standard ZIP files, unzip function supports ZIP and ZIPX with LZMA, BZIP2, and PPMd. The current stable version for Android is 6.02. build98. Their previously gained reliability from their PC version supported their ongoing success in the Android platform with 100+ million downloads.


WinRAR offers an almost similar experience to its Windows version, just on a smaller screen. The seamless design, easy-to-understand interface, and functions, total security for your files, all features are available on the Android version. Give a read to these features to make up your mind about downloading this helpful software:

Best File Compressor/Decompressor

WinRAR is the undisputed king of file compressing and decompressing technology. The insanely fast speed will make you fall in love with this software. You can easily compress or decompress your large files in a blink of an eye.

Save Your Precious Storage Space

If you are looking for the best file compressor tool, you are probably low on space. So, you are desperately trying to save any extra space you can. WinRAR does that for you without taking a toll on your phone with its small size of 5.3 MB. 

Unmatched Security

WinRAR does not only compress your files and makes them smaller in size, but it also offers security measurements to avoid any theft issues. You can password protect your files and make your files more secure. 


WinRAR for Android provides an Android user a complete package of reliability, functionality, and security. It’s tough to find this type of near-perfect software without paying a single penny! So, if you have made up your mind, download the software now!

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