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Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone, particularly Android. This device is a part and parcel of our life. We can complete almost all our daily tasks using it. Android is the source of our entertainment as well. Android games are one of the main sources of entertainment. Clash of Clans for Android is well renowned in this sector. Let’s scroll down to learn more.


Clash of Clans is a very popular online and multiplayer Android game. Supercell is the developer of it. It is a game of strategy and epic battles. This game is free to download and available on the google play store. Clash of Clans has more than 500 million downloads under its belt only on the play store. In this game, you are a village chief and have to build your village. You have to build defenses to defend your village from enemy attacks. At the same time, you must train your army troops to attack others. As it is an online multiplayer game, you can attack real players’ villages. It brings extra sensation for the players.


This game is so renowned for a reason. The reason is its exciting features. The gameplay features of this game can glue you on your android screen. Let’s check out the gameplay features below.

Build Your Village

As you are a village chief, you have to build your own village. You must build a strong defense as other village chiefs will attack your village. You must loot resources like golds and elixirs by attacking others. These resources are necessary for upgrading the troops and defenses of your village.


You are not the only chief around. So, team up with other village chiefs to make a clan. So, a clan consists of multiple villages. You can receive strong army troops from your clanmates. 

Clan War Battles

This is the most liked feature of this game. There can be up to 50 chiefs in a clan. Your clan can battle wars against other clans. The clan which collects more stars by attacking others will be the winner of the war.

Troops and Heroes

 There are different types of troops available for you to take into battles. Each troop works differently. Some troops work on the ground and there are some air units too. So, you have to make a strategy of which troops you might take into battles. Another interesting thing is its heroes. You can take heroes like Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, War Machine, and Royal Champion into battles. They defend your village too.


This is another important addition to the game. Now you can play season challenges to earn resources and magic items. A season continues throughout the month.

Besides, there are many more exciting features in this game. Clan Games, Clan War League, Friendly War, Friendly Challenge, Builder Base, and many more features. 

How to Download And Install Clash of Clans On Android?

To download and install Clash of Clans on your Android Mobile just follow these steps-

Step 1: At the top section of the page, you will see a download button named “Download Clash of Clans”. Click on it.

Clash of Clans Download - Fileion.Com

Step 2: After clicking on the download button, you will be redirected to the download page of Clash of Clans. From that page, you will see another download button with the file size. Click on it.

Clash of Clans Download - Fileion.Com

Step 3: Now Google Play Store will open in front of you.

Installing Process

Step 1: To install Clash of Clans, first click on Install.

Clash of Clans Install- Fileion.Com

Step 2: Wait here a few moments till the download is complete. After completing the download and Installation click on Open to start playing Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Download - Fileion.Com


Clash of Clans for Android is highly exciting and addictive too. Many people play this game for years. We recommend you keep your playtime under control. Because it kills time. Finally, it is to be said that you should download this game to learn more about this exciting game.

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