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When we use any system in our device, there happen some functions. These functions need proper management and guidance. CcleanerAPK is one such software that manages the system function, helps it in different ways. At first, this software was only for computer devices. The windows, Mac devices could run them. But now CCleaner for Android is available. You can use this software to make your android device fast and secure. Let’s discuss this.

What is CCleaner

CcleanerAPK is one of the most famous devices or system maintenance software. You might understand what it means by “maintenance software”. This software will free up the space of your device and make it faster. The junk file your device generates mainly increases the CPU usages of your device, This software will make your device slow. This software can notice all these junk files and can remove them from the device. There are many other uses of this software. Let’s see them in the features section.

Features of CcleanerAPK

There are many special features of this maintenance software. These features make it more unique and special. Let’s have a look at the features of CCleaner for windows.

Clean Junk Files

 If you have an experience of using CCleaner for your windows device, you might know the main use of this software. The main use of this software is cleaning the junk files from your device. This will bear the same responsibility in your android device.

Clean App Cache

 Software cache makes the software slow and consumes the memory of the device. The CCleaner is ready to clean your other app’s cache very fast. This is also a very good side of this software.

Analyze Storage

 This maintenance software is also very helpful to the user for its storage analysis feature. The CCleaner analyzes the data and provides the actual report to the user. 

Easy Software Uninstall

Sometimes we want to uninstall software with its root files. For that reason, we need some strong uninstallers. But the CCleaner can at a time clean the phone and also can uninstall software.

Check CPU Uses

 When we use one or more programs at a time then our phone CPU starts being used by them. Sometimes we need to know the condition of the phone’s CPU. The CCleaner can help us with this issue.

These are the main features of this special and must-needed software of our android phone.

How to Download And Install CcleanerAPK On Android?

To download and install CcleanerAPK on your Android Mobile just follow these steps-

Step 1: At the top section of the page, you will see a download button named “Download CcleanerAPK”. Click on it.

CcleanerAPK Download - Fileion.Com

Step 2: After clicking on the download button, you will be redirected to the download page of CcleanerAPK. From that page, you will see another download button with the file size. Click on it.

CcleanerAPK Download - Fileion.Com

Step 3: Now Google Play Store will open in front of you.

Installing Process

Step 1: To install CcleanerAPK, first click on Install.

CcleanerAPK Install- Fileion.Com

Step 2: Wait here a few moments till the download is complete. After completing the download and Installation click on Open to start playing CcleanerAPK

CcleanerAPK Install- Fileion.Com


There are some free features of this software that are enough to maintain your device. But the premium features will help you more to maintain this. The easy interface and good-looking options are always ready to make your user experience special. For smooth use of the phone and its safety, CCleaner is one of the best. That was all about CCleaner for android. I hope you get some valuable information about this mobile software. Thanks for reading from us.

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